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Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

Modern exterior sliding doors with glass inserts are becoming a more and more popular choice when planning a balcony or patio. Large glass elements make any living room look bigger, though they might also present you with a few issues. Heat insulation as well as burglary and noise protection are important topics to take into consideration prior to purchasing a new door. The correct glazing can serve to avoid detrimental incidents in advance.

Special functional Glazings

windows24.com offers a wide range of glazing types for your individual sliding doorway. The choice between double or triple pane variants has a positive effect on the quality of life in itself, but it affects the price as well.

glazed house front with slide entrance

Fig.: Exterior sliding system with big front

Triple panes ensure better thermal insulation with a second gas-filled space and an additional pane of glass. Lighting and thermally insulating of rooms are not the only services slide doors have to provide. Casements may be equipped with special panes, allowing for various additional functions. Some of these functions include:

  • Noise protection (for up to 44 decibel)
  • Safety (improved by tempering or lamination)
  • Sun screening (coating prevents overheating of a room)
  • Ornamentation (decorative privacy screen)

Using the right equipment, balcony doors can easily combine the interior and exterior of a house, creating one large, harmonious living space.

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