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Patio Door Prices

Patio doors or side doors are, just like windows, available in a range of materials and in a variety of different versions offering levels of patio door security, colour choice, look and comfort.

What do Patio Doors Actually cost?

Beginning with the basic standard model, which provides all the necessary functions and requirements of a good solid patio door, additional components and features can be added to achieve that individual or specially chosen door, which naturally results in either a cheaper or more expensive total cost. Patio doors can be purchased as a simple version for just €149 upwards, but depending on the actual material and features chosen the price can quickly rise to €1500. Special solutions, for example sliding patio doors, can cost considerably more.

Patio Doors as a Cost Factor

Generally speaking one can say that the larger the surface area of the patio door then the price will rise in a linear relationship. Additional features such as special locking, additional locking points, window bars, special paint colours and safety glazing or soundproof glazing will obviously add costs to the overall purchase price of the patio door.

The choice of material, especially, has a great influence on whether the purchase price of the patio door remains relatively low and economical or whether a higher price class has been attained. Though uPVC patio doors and those of wood belong to the lower and average price sectors, elements manufactured in aluminium or in wood plus aluminium are a higher class of product and are more expensive.

What to look for on Purchase

When purchasing the right patio door one should specially note, just as when buying windows, what purpose the door or window is going to serve, or alternatively, in what kinds of situation the patio door is to be used or fitted. For example, it may be important to know which direction the door is to face. Strong sunlight or constant rainfall on the prevailing weather side should certainly be taken into consideration.

Where should I buy My Patio Door and Where can I get it Cheaply?

In normal retail purchasing the price can quickly be ascertained from the patio door price list provided by the supplier and the end-buyer will receive a detailed offer in the classic way; those who prefer the modern way of shopping for patio doors go to a low cost Online Shop. This has the advantage that one can establish the final cost of one’s personal patio door quickly and in real time.


Patio Door Cost Development

For those for whom energy saving, security or comfort is a major priority, they can design their patio door according to their personal preferences and requirements. And there is little need to worry – many different model features are available for just a little extra. The costs of a high quality patio door do not need to go through the roof. Using our patio door configurator you receive fast feedback on the cost development and the price of your patio door.

Just as an example, a fully-equipped lift and slide door or a parallel slide and tilt door will obviously cost more than a simple patio door with no extras. A door of uPVC will be more economical than one of wood with aluminium. The price will change according to the features selected.  The patio door configurator lets you add additional features to your patio door (and to delete them, if necessary) and you can see 1 to 1 how the cost of the door is developing.

Energy saving

Those with a heart for the environment will certainly give energy saving high on their list of priorities and are certain to select the relevant multi-glazing option or thermal insulating glass when purchasing their patio doors. Although the initial investment on the patio door may result in a higher price being paid the subsequent energy saving could lead to considerable long term cost savings.


For those interested primarily in design when buying their doors, there are attractive extras such as window bars in order to turn the door into a stylistic element which will enchant any room. The prices of window bars vary according to type. The colour, any decor coating or the type of wood chosen are all important factors which affect both the cost but also the look of the patio door.


Where the house is located on a busy street, for example, then soundproofing is an important topic, and fitting the relevant soundproof glazing is certainly well worth the investment. There are various categories of sound protection for you to choose from.


The security of patio doors is another important point to consider when buying the right patio door. When additional security is required then the supplementary costs for door locking which can be operated from both inside or outside or for enhanced secure locking of security class II are acceptable.

TIP: Roller shutters are a good way to add security. These not only help to provide shade and also privacy but also prevent, or at least make forced entry more difficult. Find the matching style or model to suit your door.


Patio Door Prices – the Factors

1. Frame Material

Cost factor frame material

Patio doors are available in materials such as uPVC and wood or as a composite wooden-aluminium. There is something here to suit everybody’s wallet.

UPVC Patio doors are usually cheaper than doors manufactured from other materials. Plastic has the added advantage that it is extremely easy to look after and it is very durable, which keeps both investment and maintenance costs low.

2. Size

The price of a patio door increases with its size

There are patio doors in all sizes from small to large, from those with a single sash to those with up to four elements. You can experiment by entering the minimum and maximum possible dimensions in our door configurator. As a rule of thumb: the bigger they are the more they cost. A larger size leads to a greater frame dimension but also leads to a bigger surface area of glass – guaranteed room with a view.

You have perfect overview and full price control.

3. Optical Aspects

Costs for particular optical aspects

Further factors which can affect the overall cost of patio doors are extras such as door opening systems (where the door is lockable from both within and without), special security locking systems or optical highlights such as designer handles or window bars, both of which can turn a door into something that bit special and become a design element in one’s home.

4. Types of Opening

Patio door prices also depend on the opening type

Patio doors can open simply or they can have sophisticated systems, from plain turning on one axis with turn-and-tilt features through the complete spectrum to complex parallel-slide-tilt-function. And although the investment needed increases - properties such as comfort and exclusivity are considerably enhanced.

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