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Mosquito Screens for the Patio Door

Doors featuring built-in mosquito screens can provide peace and quiet throughout the summer. During the warmer months, insects start to populate the garden, pollinating plants. While this is important for Mother Nature, insects are usually considered to be uninvited guests on the patio and in the kitchen. We have a large variety of different mosquito screens, available for doors and windows alike. Insect screen shutters, sliding systems or pleated curtains – the nets are available in various shapes and colours. As any garden is usually full of flying insects, protection against mosquitos is especially important for terrace entrances. To ensure the best possible protection for the patio door, many different factors need to be taken into consideration.

The perfect Patio Defence against Insects

There are various types of mosquito screens for the different types of doors. Installing a screen on the patio door is especially important if you want to stop the various kinds of flying insects from entering the kitchen. A wide product range can offer reliable protection:

  • Vertical blinds
  • Roller shutter screens
  • Pleated curtains
  • In- or outswing doors
  • Sliding doors

Regardless of whether a shutter or a curtain is installed – quality and price are very important factors when considering the appropriate mosquito screens for the patio door. Having them installed professionally is also an important factor.

The installation can be performed either by private persons or professionals. Besides the function, aesthetics, form and colour also play a substantial role.

White nets allow more daylight to enter the kitchen and still provide a measure of privacy protection. Colours such as brown, black or anthracite grey ensure better visibility.

Insect Roller Shutter Screens and vertical Blinds are inexpensive and easy to use

Vertical blinds installed on doors for insect protection allow you to enter the patio area without manually opening any screen doors.

However, these insect screens are typically less effective than other systems.

At the same time, the price is very favourable and the installation is simple; as all features are easily adjusted e.g. the lamellar can be cut to shape with a knife.

Roller shutter screens are not only available for windows.

They also offer excellent protection from insects for the patio door. They can be mounted to the frame of any patio or balcony door, reliably preventing insects from entering the kitchen.

Common roller shutter mosquito screens are available in white, brown, anthracite grey and black.

The guiding rails should be made of aluminium, as it is a robust and durable material.


The perfect Insect Screens for the Patio Door

There are many reasonably priced products with various beneficial properties, which can be used as insect screens for the patio door. In- and outswing doors as well as double doors and sliding door systems, for example. Meanwhile, pleated curtains are often considered to be a particularly eye-catching element for patio doors.

In- and Outswing Leafs

his accessory consists of a leaf with an integrated insect protection net. It is available for both single and multi-leaf doors. They can usually be swung in only one direction, with a magnet ensuring proper sealing when closed. When installing such a leaf, you have to be careful, so that any pre-installed roller shutters or roller blinds do not interfere with the installation procedure.

Swing Doors

It is very easy to pass through an insect protected patio door with two leafs. Such doors are ideal for kitchens with a passage leading directly to the terrace, as the patio can thus be entered quite easily without the need to manually open any doors. These insect screens are perfect for doors with two leafs.

Sliding Doors

Sliding insect screens for patios are a high-quality, high-price alternative. They are opened by sliding the leaf sideways.

The mosquito screen for sliding doors is also mounted into a guiding rail, allowing it to be slid sideways together with the door leaf itself.

This type of insect protection is especially useful for double-leaf systems and is very often installed in kitchens with a direct passage to the patio or garden.

Pleated Curtains

In contrast to common roller shutter insect screens, pleated curtains are slid horizontally. These screens do not simply roll up like a roller screen. Instead, they are folded into cassettes located on the sides of the door.

All door models should feature an aluminium frame, because wood and uPVC are less suitable. Meanwhile, the insect screens themselves should be made of fibreglass, as this is a very robust material.

Note: Quality comes first

Various materials are used to protect windows, light wells and patio or balcony doors against insects.

Screen material Attributes Suitable for Typical colours
aluminium mesh robust, durable, slip-proof light wells anthracite grey
premium steel mesh very robust, durable, slip-proof light wells anthracite grey
pet-Screen mesh robust, scratch proof doors brown, black, white
clear mesh exceptionally translucent windows, skylights, doorways brown, black, white
pollen protection mesh blocks up to 90% of all pollen windows, skylights, doorways Brown, black, white
fibreglass mesh standard mesh windows, skylights, doorways brown, black, white

Aluminium or premium steel mesh is used to protect light wells from insects, as this material is very robust and durable. Aluminium mesh also prevents dirt and water from entering the light well. Fibreglass fabric is the standard material of most mosquito screens and offers excellent protection for the patio door.

It is very robust and less susceptible to fraying. Additionally, it can be painted in any colour – white, black, brown and anthracite grey ­ allowing it to match the colour of almost any patio door.

The frame of a good mosquito screen for the patio door should consist of a solid material such as aluminium.

Installing Mosquito Screens in Patio Doors without drilling

The installation of high-quality mosquito screens should be performed by professionals. However, if you are looking to save a little money you can also easily find the tools and accessories necessary to install it yourself. Depending on the insect screen model, it might be possible to install the screen without drilling.

Curtains or roller shutters can be attached with different types of glue. A curtain can be installed by affixing it to the door with tape and insect protection roller shutters are typically mounted to the upper part of the doorframe, using special clip-on mounting elements. The shutter box is hung from these and the guiding rails are attached to the frame.

Thanks to the simple nature of the products, entire insect protection doors can easily be built even by laypersons themselves. However, the best measure of protection can be achieved only if the installation is performed using precise measurements. Once this is done, you can simply assemble the aluminium frame, install the insect screen and mount the hinges.

Even high-quality mosquito protection systems, such as a sliding doors or pleated curtains, can be installed without a drill.

Pleated curtains or sliding insect protection screens are installed using a special clamping technique. The guiding rails can be attached to the upper parts of the frame using special clip-on elements.

The lower guiding rail is fixed to the bottom part of the door’s frame. The pleated curtain variant usually has an additional cassette for the fibreglass mosquito screen. It is clamped onto the side of the frame and sometimes additionally glued on.

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can also build insect screens for the patio door themselves. All you need are aluminium bars, an appropriate net and hinges.

Regardless of your personal living situation, there are numerous ways of ensuring insect protection and preventing sleepless nights. windows24.com offers a wide selection of screen systems – with or without frames – demonstrating quality craftsmanship, durability and stability.

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