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Triple Glazed Windows & Energy Savings

Insulating glass benefits both your wallet and the environment. As environmental standards and building regulations rise, home owners and builders need to carefully consider their choice of glazing type in windows and doors. Whether new construction, a major renovation or just a few replacement windows, switching to a modern triple glazing design can dramatically reduce heating costs and save you money every month, not to mention being eco-friendly.

Triple Glazing Values per DIN EN 673

Ug 0.7 W/qmK 

Triple glazing has a U-value of 0.7 W/qmK as defined by the DIN EN 673 standard . The glass construction is composed of 4mm of float glass, a 12mm separation between panes, another 4mm float glass, 12mm separation between panes and a third pane of 4mm float glass. The Uw-value is Uw 0.9 W/qmK for Aluplast vinyl windows with 5-chamber system and pine wood windows. Meranti wood has a Uw-value 0.1 W/qmK higher.

Ug 0.6 W/qmK

Another triple glazing option with a U-value of 0.6 W/qmK uses increased space between panes.They are configured with three 4mm thick pieces of glass with 14mm of separation between them. The Uw-value is 0.8 W/qmK for Aluplast vinyl windows with 5-chamber system and pine wood windows. Meranti wood has a Uw-value 0.1 W/qmK higher.

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Solar Heat Gain Coefficient & Energy Efficient Living

At first glance, triple glazed windows and doors don't appear all that different from any other window. However, they meet the latest and most stringent building standards for insulation and performance. They insulate not just via the glass, but also by filling the spaces in between with a noble gas such as argon or krypton. They are both colorless, odorless, non-toxic gasses with a lower thermal conductivity than air. That means more energy saved, less cold inside your home and lower heat bills. Additionally, two of the three panes are finished with a metallic coating which reflects long wave infrared light. This helps prevent rooms from becoming too warm during the summer and maintain stable room temperatures. This is also referred to as a low solar heat gain coefficient or SHGC.

Heat loss through windows is described using the thermal transmittance coefficient, or u-value (also called u-factor). This measures the heat flow per square meter and degree Kelvin. The better the u-value is, the better a window insulates. A value of 0.4 to 0.8 is standard today for windows equipped with triple glazing. A triple glazed window is warmer not only at the edges where condensation often occurs in single and double glazed windows, but also warmer across the entire surface. Modern windows fitted with triple glazing insulate six times better than single pane windows. This can add up to huge savings on heating bills every year and quickly cover the window's cost. But sliding and patio doors will equally benefit, particularly as they have an even larger surface area than windows.

Save Energy, Lower Heating Costs & Reduce Exterior Noise

On top of its excellent thermal performance, a hidden benefit of the triple glazed windows design is a reduction in exterior noise. Compared to double glazing, triple offers improved sound proofing and will lower outside noise from traffic, pedestrians and other noise pollution. Bedrooms, living rooms and home offices are usually most affected and benefit most from improved insulation and noise reduction since they are most frequently used.  For effective soundproofing a number of factors must be taken into consideration. Triple glazing is particularly effective when a joint sealant is used between the frame and masonry. The joint sealant contributes considerably to reducing noise levels since gaps in the masonry can allow more noise in that you would expect.

Sound absorbent vinyl frames also provide more peace and quiet in closed rooms.The greater the distance between the glass sheets, the lower the noise level. Thicker or differing strengths of glass pane also contribute to soundproofing.  The optional self-cleaning properties of triple glazed windows are another advantages to homeowners. Glass coated using nano-particles repels both dirt and weather. This means that rainwater flows over a wider surface without leaving streaks. The smooth surface also ensures that dirt and dust find have difficulty adhering to the surface making cleaning easier.

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