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Barn windows – flexibility using modern materials

Ideal for farms and agricultural holdings; designed and manufactured to the highest of standards, the selection of barn windows at Windows24.com come with a variety of features. Often fitted with safety glass and mesh frame reinforcement, the windows are a fully functioning interface between inside and outside and create the optimum conditions for both animal and man. Especially in our day and age there are increased demands on both material and finishing – to ensure flexible handling and optimum climate conditions. And whether the choice is for turn or turn-and-tilt models, barn windows from Windows24.com impress for their high quality and finest finishing.

Best conditions for efficient working

Energy saving with light and air

It is the climate that is ultimately decisive; neither man nor beast would choose to stay in a stuffy, badly ventilated barn or stable. In order to create the right conditions, barn windows can be designed according to individual needs and typical operation. Whether they tilt, turn or as tilt-and-turn combination: for healthy livestock one needs fresh air and natural light. Thanks to the uPVC profile the classic variant is an economical option for both renovation and new build. They are very functional in their handling and fulfill the requirements demanded in EU Energy Saving guidelines and can be opened or closed in a jiffy. Fitted with tilt sash, fixed or to be turned – barn windows with a uPVC frame are real all-rounder and meet every hygiene requirements. The energy efficient window enables optimum rearing and breeding conditions and will impress with their high quality of both material and manufacture. For fans of rustic buildings we recommend barn windows made of iron.

Historical stable

Ideal for home improvement and for personal homes these historic windows impress both in appearance and in their finishing.

Whether decorated with ornamentation or set into a round frame – barn windows of iron bestow every building that typical charm of a historic barn. The weatherproof materials are also suitable for creating an eye catcher in the summer house, set into walls or in greenhouses. The stylish iron windows create that countryside chic and make every corner into a romantic idyll.

Simple, highly functional, effective

Great choice and best quality at Windows24.com

As well as the uPVC version – ideal for later conversion projects – barn windows set into masonry are impressive due to the extra stability achieved and their extreme durability. The welded corners of the frames can be directly positioned into the formwork from outside or completely walled in when building anew. The integrated window sill incorporated means further work is unnecessary and the barn window is ready for use immediately. Due to the construction and material, models intended to be built into the masonry are sold with a double sash from a particular window width. This guarantees reliability, long life and masters every static demand on the frames. Whether flush at one end or placed centrally, the large selection allows the ideal barn window design for every type of stonework. Windows24.com will impress you with its very wide selection of glass including safety glass, plexiglas and bonded glass. Depending on model and application the barn windows can be tilted inwards, opened sideways up to 90° or a combination of turn and tilt.

Barn windows

If required the windows can be made to order individually thus meeting every demand. With attention firmly placed on high quality the windows ensure bright, airy and optimum conditions. Our customer support experts are available to help with any questions or concerns you may have. 

The advantages of buying barn windows at Windows24.com

  • extremely functional
  • economic investment
  • simple operation
  • easy to clean
  • weatherproof
  • high stability
  • energy efficient
  • best quality made in Germany
  • wide range

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