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Fixed windows – a different perspective

For large office complexes in the centre of the town or city, administrative buildings and schools or even small homely conservatories fixed windows or permanent glazing is a popular architectural element. The distinctive feature of these windows: they have no window sash and fitted directly into the window frame. This allows the rooms within to be bathed in a large amount of natural light. Office or home; high quality fixed windows from Windows24.com offer unlimited perspective and great light penetration. This makes a working day at the office or that glass of wine in the conservatory a special moment.

Energy efficiency and fire protection

Snow gently falls from the sky and envelopes the world in a fine white powder coating. With a fixed window from Windows24.com this wonder can be enjoyed without interference of mullion or window bars. As fixed windows are suitable for every type of surface, that winter wonderland can be viewed from a cozy conservatory, or even from an office or a high rise building. Manufactured of easy-to-maintain vinyl, stable aluminum or classic wood they present an individual design choice in terms of size, form and material which has no limits. For that cozy warm room feeling in winter the right glazing must be chosen for the fixed window. Double or triple glazing can effectively help in thermal insulation since noble gases such as argon and krypton are inserted between panes to hinder any heat loss. The Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV) passed by the EU approve U-values of 1.3 W/(m²K) and less , which can easily be achieved using triple glazing with a heat transmission coefficient, or U-value, of 0.5 – 0.7 W/(m²K).

Fixed windows

In larger buildings such as an office complex fixed windows are often used to provide fire protection barriers in stairwells or corridors, and special fire retarding glass is used to prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

Fixed windows from Windows24.com offer a great selection which not only let a lot of natural light into the room but which, in connection with the correct glazing, can be adapted to individual requirements.

Sunscreening and cleaning

Large window frontages made up of fixed windows offer a breathtaking atmosphere. Especially in winter the right glass can offer the advantage of providing heat insulation and help to save on those heating costs. But what can be done in the summer, when the increased sunlight causes the temperature to rise inside the building? Although there is no sash at hand to enable opening there is a wide range of possibilities to protect the interior from the sun. Shutters, Venetian blinds or pleated blinds, which can be applied either on the outside or the inside of the window, keep the sun’s rays at bay and are available in a variety of colors and designs.

The most effective form of protection which is extremely suitable is the special sun protection foil of polyethylene-terephthalate (PET). A very thin layer of aluminium or another metal on the foil material reflects the rays of sunlight and prevents the air in the room from heating up. Another special feature of the fixed window should not be overlooked: as permanent windows have no sash, the exterior glass can only be cleaned from outside. In a conservatory or on a ground floor this poses no problem however, in larger buildings cleaning is more difficult, unless the window is equipped with a so-called cleaning sash.

Versatility and individual design

Throughout the year fixed windows allow a wonderful view of the outdoor surroundings. But within the room or a building, too, the fixed window can be transformed into a real highlight. Size, shape and colour can all be individually combined as well as matched to material, glazing and accessories to create something special. Windows24.com has the ideal fixed window at the ready to satisfy all requirements and places great emphasis on quality products made in Germany.

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