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Trapezoid windows – an architectural eye catcher

Attic rooms are often simply used as extra storage space, their musty, dank atmosphere instead of encouraging one to stay, create a sense of unease. Trapezoid windows here can help, as this special shape of window is ideal for gables or dormers. Sufficient light and controlled room ventilation can turn any room under the roof into an oasis and transform a scary attic into a comfortable room for living in. Using a high quality trapezoid window from Windows24.com every roof can become an architectural highlight.

Value-added in special form

Individual styling and thermal insulation

Trapezoid vinyl window

Trapezoid windows unite two good qualities: they permit sufficient sunlight in, which bathes the room inside in natural light and the two sashes can be opened whenever you choose, in order to fill the room with fresh air. The exceptional feature of the trapezoid window, making it stand out from other windows, is its geometrical form. Trapezoids have two sides parallel, but the lengths joining them can vary and theses can be identical in length or different lengths and thus form different angles in each corner.

As well as these trapezoids there are parallel-sided and right-angled trapezoids. The shorter one of the base lines is, then the more the trapezoid looks like a triangle. Size and angle of the corners can be designed individually to achieve the ideal fit – and depending on the house conditions. This unique design can be further enhanced by the choice of the materials. Trapezoid windows of plastic (usually PVC) are particularly easy-to-clean and weatherproof.

Trapezoid aluminium window

Its thermo-plastic properties make plastic malleable on heating. It is thus ideal for manufacturing special constructions and the implementation of individual designs. Aluminium windows are frequently used for windows with large glass areas due to their high stability and durability. For smaller models such as trapezoid windows, aluminium is also suitable as its natural oxide layer is especially weatherproof and it is virtually maintenance-free.

When produced in wood this style offers not just a classic, noble look, but the natural thermal insulation qualities of the wooden structure result in improved heat insulation. This can be attained, regardless of the material chosen, by selecting suitable glazing. According to the guidelines laid down in the revised Energy Saving directive, or EnEV, the U-value (heat transmission coefficient) must not exceed 1.3 W/(m²K). Double and triple glazing and thermally insulating sealing provide effective help in stopping heat loss and saving on energy costs.

Accessories for special forms

Trapezoid windows belong to the group of special window forms which includes triangle and round window styles. Accordingly there is a wide range of accessories which have been specially adapted for these shapes. In summer the increased amount of daylight quickly leads to an increase in room temperature. Pleated blinds, roller shutters or Venetian blinds can help to keep living space or study cool. The first can usually be folded together, while roller shutters and other blinds are rolled up over a spindle.
Pleated blinds are ideally suitable for trapezoid windows due to their construction and can be individually produced according to size and shape required.

Trapezoid window

Windows24.com has a large selection of pleated blinds, roller blinds and Venetian blinds to provide a pleasant room feeling all year round.

Looks are decisive

Uniqueness instead of every day

Trapezoid windows are suitable not only to allow more sunlight and the controlled airing, but actually add value to any living or working room due to their unusual shape and size. But in spite of the special shape, trapezoid can be adapted to any given structural situation, and interior angles, size, colour and window material can be assembled together as desired. These lend every room its unique, architectural highlight. Windows24.com offers a huge selection of trapezoid windows placing great emphasis on high quality and best production methods made in Germany. For your questions concerning production and design of your individual trapezoid windows, our experts are available every weekday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on our hotline (0049 711 860 601 17).

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