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Floor-to-ceiling windows

Windows that reach the floor enable unlimited view to the outside. Therefore, it is small wonder that today more and more house builders are choosing full length floor to ceiling windows. But it is not just in new builds that this attractive model is popular, but also when it comes to renovation projects of older dwellings the choice of the renovator frequently falls for floor-to-ceiling styles.

More light to the perfect living atmosphere

Modern facade with windows at floor level

Floor to ceiling windows brighten every room and bring light into the house. The extensive glass area creates a lighter, more open and friendlier space. The perfect view through the glass and into one’s garden or into the countryside does the rest. Thus, in principle, it makes no difference whether this type of window is situated on the ground floor or on an upper storey.

When installing on an upper floor, however, the actual building regulations regarding the construction of floor to ceiling windows must be observed. The recommended glazing is laminated safety glass and in front of the window a waist high railing should be installed.

In the special category of floor-to-ceiling floor to ceiling windows glazing offering heat insulation and / or safety should certainly be considered. Additionally, there are a number of different attractively designed and practical products on for for increased safety.

Soil-level window with thermal insulation

There are no limits to imagination here. Hence one can find elaborately adorned cast iron railings, clearly structured and minimalist stainless steel railings and even barriers manufactured from break-proof glass; everything the heart of the building contractor could wish for.

Another aspect which should not be forgotten is that of the appreciation in value that a building gets through floor-to-ceiling windows. Here it is not a case of energy efficiency, which admittedly also plays an important role, but more of an increase in one’s quality of life brought about by a more relaxing home atmosphere.

More light means likewise a better quality of life and for many house buyers this is increasingly the decisive criteria. Light contributes to creating the perfect climate for work and relaxation.

The glazing makes a difference

Energy efficiency as basic requirement

Soil-level window with fall protection

Of course, the choice of the right glazing for floor-to-ceiling floor to ceiling windows plays an enormous role when it comes to the efficient use of energy. Large sheets of glass bring more light into the room but they can also support the heating in winter and actively contribute to reducing heating costs.

Admittedly a lot of energy is lost through the surface area of floor-to-ceiling windows where older or incorrect types of glass have been selected.

Hence thermal insulating glazing also makes great sense for floor to ceiling models. The energy saving qualities of large surface, full length sheets of glass can be fully exploited. Thermal insulating glazing consists of two or three glass panes which are inserted into the window frame leaving a small space.

One or more pans are treated using a precious metal or metal oxide vapour.

Soil-level vinyl windows

Usually it is an inside surface of a pane that is treated so that the sensitive vapour layer is not damaged by aggressive cleaning agents or the effects of weather. The positive material properties of the specially treated glass sheets ensure that a far lower heat exchange through the panes takes place. Laminated glass also shows good qualities of energy efficiency similar to that of thermal insulating glass. Thus the positive aspects of energy saving can optimally be united with a focus on security.

Floor-to-ceiling windows today are not only finding use as balcony or patio doors, but are becoming more popular as front doors. Of course, these windows are available in a variety of models with the practical turn-and-tilt function for optimum airing and of different frame materials such as aluminium, timber or uPVC. In our Accessories Shop all the necessary supplementary parts and products can be found.

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