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Frameless windows – aesthetics meets functionality

Live with style – thanks to the window with no frame from Windows24.com this, too, is possible. Who has never dreamed of having a breathtaking view from one’s own four walls into the great outdoors. A breath of nothing seems to separate one’s living room from the wild open spaces. Those who place value on quality, aesthetics and functionality will find a window that is tailor-made to match their demands. By using a special, virtually invisible sliding technique, aesthetics and style of living do not have to make way to functionality. All go together hand in hand. Even energy saving and burglar-proofing pose no problem for frameless windows.

A picture of nature

Aesthetic, natural and healthy

Frameless windows are simple but effective: systems involving a sliding door have the frame fitted flush into ceiling, wall and floor so that it remains invisible to the eye: virtually a free-standing picture without a frame. The focus of attention in modern living is to make the borders between indoors and outdoors much more fluid. A feeling of freedom is generated together with a sense of being at one with nature. The frameless window embodies the function of a window in its original purpose: to enable one to look out and to allow air and light into the room. When the living space is large and the surrounding countryside or views attractive, the breathtaking view outside attracts your gaze and inspires you to relax, be creative or recharge your batteries. Additionally the daylight which falls into the interior through the large format windows promotes the stimulation of the “happiness hormone” serotonin while reducing the amount of melatonin, responsible for sleep, produced. This helps to maintain the day and night balance.

Frameless window with glazing bars

Frameless windows provide for fresh air in every corner and crevice of the room when airing. Well aired rooms are important for a refreshing sleep. Fresh air can also reduce the chances of mould developing. The former is good for the health of each person, the latter for the health of the room.

A further advantage of frameless windows: the amount of daylight admitted into the room is very high. This improves general visibility reducing stress on one’s eyes.

Modern and secure living

Whether an older building or a new build, whether office or private dwelling – frameless windows from Windows24.com show what modern living means. The natural design flows elegantly into the surroundings and imbues a hint of luxury. The transitions of floor, wall and ceiling appear softer, as they are not separated from each other by hard frames.

Frameless windows are fixed using profiles which are firmly anchored in the main fabric of the building. Optimum securing of the window (assuring security against burglary) is safeguarded by using single sheet safety glass or laminated safety glass. The windows can also be fitted with alarms if need be. Thermal insulation is arranged by using thermal partition of interior and exterior cladding.

Convenient technology

Open Sesame! At the press of a finger frameless windows are open. Fited with an electric motor, the windows can be opened easily under remote control. This means opening and closing is virtually silent, increasing the feeling of comfort. Imposing window fronts several meters high are also possible for homes, as are glass frontages as substitute for a wall or corner. Here it is possible to co-ordinate fixed and sliding elements together – guaranteeing individual, architectural freedom. Even when the area is immense, frameless windows can be opened easily and with no exertion of force. The high quality bearings ensure durable, smooth running.

Thermal insulation

Frameless windows

On choosing the actual sliding mechanism by which the frameless windows are to be opened and closed, it should be checked that these are low on maintenance and energy efficient. The window should only be fitted by a professional. When fitted by an expert, frameless windows from Windows24.com show good thermal insulation properties and can help to sustainably reduce energy costs.

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