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French windows – comfortable living and energy efficiency

The great range at Windows24.com means that we have exactly the right French windows to suit your living conditions. Whether you seek sliding, tilting or fixed glazing – attention is focused on the best quality made in Germany. High quality materials ensure just that right look in form and in colour and supplement the planning which extends from choice of frame material to the right choice of glass. Ideal for modernisation measures, to gain better energy efficiency or improve security: you can purchase made to measure French windows at low cost online at Windows24.com.

Glazing makes the difference

Easy to maintain, energy efficient, weatherproof

As a result of the recently amended Energy Saving directive (EnEV) the EU continues to place high standards when it comes to energy efficiency and French windows. Whether renovation or new build – thanks to thermal insulation measures the required EU-standards can be met with all our windows. This is guaranteed both glazing and also the technical specifications such as spacing between the panes. The EnEV approved maximum of 1.3 W/(m2K) is easily met by all French windows – and at the same time expensive heating costs can be cut. The lower the heat transmission coefficient (the Ug-value) is, then the lower the resulting energy costs will be. As a general rule we can say that if the Ug-value can be reduced by only 0.1 W/(m2K) then approximately 1.1 l of heating oil per square meter of living space will be saved.

French window with glazing bars

A particular feature to note here is the use of modern multi-pane insulated glass: an extremely thin coating of metal foil reflects the radiation of heat attempting to escape through the window but still lets the sun’s rays into the rooms.

With a Ug-value of up to 0.4 W/(m2K) this type of glazing stands for sustainable living and high levels of energy efficiency.

Sustainable life-style, secure living

French window

Besides energy efficiency, security and easy maintenance are central requirements of windows. High quality of materials and during manufacture allows the use of burglar-proof laminated safety glass. The tear-resistant but elastic foil incorporated is so designed that even when a French window pane is broken it will still have sufficient stability and the soundproofing construction will continue to keep traffic noise out.

But foremost the foil coating, usually of poly vinyl butyral or ethylene vinyl acetate, prevents the breaking of the pane. The high pressure needed to unite the layers of foil and glass holds the resulting splinters of glass together reducing any risk of injury and making entry through the now broken French window extremely difficult. The right French window ensures both a quiet and a safe home – and one’s own four walls remain a haven of peace and relaxation.

Mould and damp have no chance

Windows for the patio or terrasse - assembly situation

Even French windows need to have a weatherproof form of construction. High value materials of glass and frame hold damp at bay and protect from potential mould.
The glass separation elements within the frame construction fix the insulation noble gas between the panes, reduce the buildup of condensation and keep water vapour out. Important here is the fitting.

While old, leaky windows are often the cause of damp inside a room, the faulty placement of a modern French window can also lead to gaps. These can quickly lower the thermal insulating performance by up to 50% and can be the reason for mould.

Weatherproof and individually manufactured French windows from Windows24.com are a guarantee for energy efficient housing of extra high quality.

French windows according to plan

Building blocks to individual living

Customizable to your own style, French windows are available in a range of forms, colors and materials: matched to your personal lifestyle situation and mastering the balancing act between modern chic and high quality. With extra attention put on frames of vinyl, aluminium or a combination of vinyl with aluminium the Windows24.com product catalogue has a wide assortment to choose from. Numerous optional features, suitable for your own needs and particular situation, allow all customer demands in terms of looks and technical features.

Tiltable, fixed or sliding, in soft wood tones, bright colours or more robust – composing your personal French windows could not be easier. Matched to your individual home situation, Windows24.com has French windows of the highest quality at reasonable prices for you.

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