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Gable windows – individual, flexible, stylish

It does not matter if it is an historic building or modern residence: gable windows lighten the attic room and fulfill both demands on energy saving and elegance. These, mostly sloping windows, are an eye-catching feature of the facade and even as part of contemporary architecture are the icing on the cake to any building. With the highest demands on material and manufacture, quality is always in focus and long life and energy efficiency are guaranteed. Those who purchase gable windows from Windows24.com place great emphasis on high quality at low prices.

Gable windows, to suit individual wishes and living situation

Bring shape and colour to your personal living space

Gable window

Depending on the actual roof construction Windows24.com has a wide selection of gable windows on hand.

Individually designable through choice of colours and material, these windows fulfill every demand regarding efficient use of energy and good looks.

Because of the widely popular saddle roof or gable roof design, the triangle is the most frequently occurring style of gable window. Depending on the actual slope of the roof different dimensions arise. Where the form of the gable is not influenced by the pitch of the roof, then a pseudo gable can be employed. This is why it is possible to find round gable forms in our range as well as the more traditional pointed or rounded shapes (i.e. acute or obtuse angled). Brought into play on a barrel roof the round window can be designed in any way as desired. As noted, depending on how flat or pointed the actual slope of the roof is then different possibilities of gable design can arise. From triangular shaped areas to gable windows for projecting building elements (e.g. a bay) and matched to suit personal situation and individual taste.

Energy efficiency for sustainable living

Entirely glazed gable

Sustainability is more important than ever. The EU Energy Saving Directive (EnEV) has set high demands in terms of the energy efficiency in windows and doors for new buildings. 

Using thermally insulated glass and the special arrangement of glass separation elements, gable windows fulfill all required standards and fall well below the maximum permitted UG-value of 1.3 W/(m2K).

And, of course, the lower the heat transmission coefficient is, then the lower are the resulting energy costs. Where insulated glass of several layers is employed in order to conserve warmth, then heating costs in an attic or loft apartment fall. Coated with a very thin metal foil, the glass pane in the gable window reflects the radiated heat back into the room while allowing the sun’s rays to fill the living space. With a UG-value of up to 0.4 W/(m2K) multi-layer glass represents both sustainable living and high energy efficiency. The weather-resistant construction of the modern gable window is yet another advantage over older window types. Extremely high quality of materials and frame construction keep the damp out and guards against mold. Although the heat insulating properties remain high, the buildup of damp is prevented and the basic structure of the building stays free of the effects of bad weather.

Good glass, firm frame

Statics, energy efficiency, design

Trapezoid gable window

Especially when it comes to older buildings there are added points to consider; besides the right choice of gable window and possible protected status there are optical criteria and those concerning structural relevance. Depending on the wall construction and placement historic houses usually require stable and robust materials of the best quality.

Decorated with ornamentation and having a special shape, the lovingly designed gable window reinforces the charm of any residence and thanks to modern glass technology enables renovation but with efficient use of energy at the same time. The various frame materials currently on offer range from wooden and uPVC profiles to a composite wooden-aluminium combination. Being individually designable the gable window delights due to the large selection of colours on offer and can fulfill all personal requirements. Customised to both actual roof situation and customer’s preferences these windows are low-maintenance and virtually impervious to both weather and dust and dirt. Gable windows from Windows24.com enable sustainable building and impress through their long durability as fits the best quality as made in Germany.

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