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Kitchen windows – individually made-to-measure

Nowadays kitchen windows have a high degree of importance in creating a good climate. It is no longer just a matter of functionality, such as bringing light and air into the room and keeping wind and weather out. With modern windows it is far more to do with quality, allied with functionality and aesthetics.

The kitchen is for many people the central point of the house or apartment. This is a place for cooking but also laughing and living. Hence the atmosphere in the kitchen gains in importance. Kitchen windows contribute greatly to providing this. Windows, depending on size and construction features, help make small kitchens lighter and create a pleasant ambience in which to work and to live.

According to needs and to actual situation various different windows can be installed in a modern kitchen. The range extends from luxurious, floor to ceiling windows, through windows in standard sizes with tilting to fanlight windows, which provide optimum brightness in the kitchen while giving adequate protection from inquisitive neighbours.

Vinyl kitchen window

The material used for the kitchen window leaves no desires unfulfilled. The possibilities range from timber through uPVC to aluminium. Plastic kitchen windows count among the popular classics. They are timeless, easy-to-care for elegant windows for any kitchen.

In the mean time uPVC windows are available in the most varied colours of frame and offer a solution for every taste. Kitchen windows from Windows24.com impress with their function and quality. Besides plastics, timber as a material for windows has become increasingly popular.

Timber windows have material properties which create a warm, homely feeling in the kitchen. Easy to clean they bring their owner long life and great pleasure.
Those who prefer it a bit more modern reaches for aluminium as material of choice for their window frames. Corrosion-free aluminium is extremely weather resistant, easy to maintain and elegant.

Kitchen window

This is where quality and beauty unite. The question of ornamentation of a kitchen window is also one of individual solutions. For example, window bars in different combinations can be brought into the window and provide that stylish extra and harmony in your own kitchen.

Elegance combined with quality - the glazing

It is not only the window frame that plays a large role when it comes to choosing the right kitchen window, the glazing, too, sets high demands on quality. Hence nowadays we find windows with many excellent properties based on the glazing. The energy efficiency and environmental consciousness are less important here. In order to save on heating costs kitchen windows are fitted with double or triple glazing and ensure optimum heat control. Triple glazed windows are constructed so that the intervening spaces are filled with a noble gas which conducts heat far less than normal air and thus provides for optimum room conditions – summer and winter. Kitchen windows treated with a Nano-coating prevent condensation of the glass and are child’s play to clean. Thanks to the upper surface area of the material the glass remains “crystal clear” and brings lasting pleasure. The clear view to the outside world is only one advantage. Its insulating properties mean that the glass contributes to protection against wind and weather as well as reducing noise.

Examples of kitchen windows withh some opaque glass

Kitchen windows installed with sound-proof glazing are especially popular in towns and inner city areas and on streets suffering from heavy traffic conditions.

Such lively neighbourhoods mean that the security provided by the glass is also highly relevant. Laminated safety glass provides good anti-burglar security without forsaking its thermal insulating qualities. The choice of the right window is no longer a matter of luck. Not only feasible but also according to individual wishes; Windows24.com has kitchen windows to fulfill everyone’s needs.

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