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Buy stylish bay windows and you save on energy costs

Bay windows aren't just useful wall elements that provide you with a 180° view. They're architectural eyecatchers and an expression of your style – functional and beautiful at the same time. It's no surprise bay windows have become so popular.

Individually configure your new bay windows with the windows24.com online configurator. Choose either a nostalgically historic design, or a modern shape and style; it’s up to you.

Functionality changes over time

Bay windows have a long tradition dating back centuries. Originally, protruding bays were built behind church altars but soon found their way into non-religious architecture – as a place for the privy, for lookouts or to station archers on the wall. Over time, architects changed their view on the building element and used it less for function but more for style – to create a semi-circular or angled highlight on the wall.

One important distinction: Box and circle bay windows that reach the ground floor are also called bow windows.

Today, both bay window styles can make a room feel larger and are perfect for creating a little oasis of tranquility inside your home. The panoramic view with plenty of natural light is another plus. Or you can use the extra space to fit a chest of drawers or shelves or even a window seat.

As is true for all new windows, insulation is an essential factor. Keep traffic noise outside with sound-proof insulation glass.

Thermal insulation and energy efficiency for bay windows

Window fronts with large glass surfaces make sufficient insulation necessary. You have various options to achieve low U-values for such bay window designs:

  • frames optimised for energy efficiency
  • high-quality insulated triple glazing
  • professional installation and sealing

In the long run, well-insulated bay windows are worth the investment. Though they're initially pricier than uninsulated double glazed windows, you'll soon enjoy lower costs for heating. Thus, you should choose wood, aluminium, or uPVC windows with a thermal transmittance value that's as low as possible.


Unfortunately, the glazing is responsible for most of the lost energy, which is disadvantageous to large window fronts. You can counter that with high-quality multi-layer insulation glass, though. Best case scenario: triple glazing with a "warm edge", and a special spacer between the glazed panes that further improve thermal insulation. You can also optimise the glazing for anti-burglary protection, soundproofing and sun protection as well.

Energy efficiency starts with the frame

Wood, uPVC, and aluminium are our choice of premium materials for building new window frames. Additionally, we have composites of wood and aluminium as well as uPVC and aluminium available. Those combine the excellent features of both materials to a more superior effect.

Professional installation

Due to their size and the necessity of impeccable and impenetrable sealing, a professional should always install semi-circular and box bay windows. Faulty or insufficient sealing can cause a thermal bridge which impairs the thermal efficiency of the frame and glazing.

Bay windows, a touch of sophistication

Bays are found in all epochs and architectural window styles. They always highlight the facade's style and add to the comfort of living. You can individually design your bay and bow windows in our configurator at windows24.com: add glazing bars, design a fully glazed model with a triangular transom window or add a door next to or between two windows. You can let your imagination run free and find the perfect solution – while keeping in mind some technical limitations for doors, bow windows, and bay windows.

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