Bay windows

The days when a bay window with panorama view only served the purpose of better protecting the house from potential burglars are long gone. Nowadays bay windows are a stylistic element and expression of one‘s personal creativity. A combination of wall and glass transform it into an eye catcher, both useful and beautiful at the same time. For these reasons the bay window or bow window has made a comeback and is becoming increasingly popular.

Design, security and much more

The bay window has been much loved, especially in the English-speaking world, for many decades and has been integrated into every kind of building structure as an artistic facade motif. This trend, which also characterised the Renaissance age, is finding ever more supporters in other countries.

Bay windows not only expand the room optically: the matching window sill within the bay can be transformed into an excellent window seat providing a wonderful view of the surroundings. Hence an attractive wood window seat is the ideal spot within the bay window to enjoy an undisturbed panorama of the countryside, offering the chance to relax and wind down after a hard and busy day.

Facade with bay windows

A place to rest the soul. Cupboards and shelves can also be integrated into a bay window, thereby increasing the amount of storage space of the room.

Good insulation is the icing on the cake

The right glass in your windows

It does not really matter whether you wish to insulate the room to prevent the loss of energy or to reduce the noise from outside, the right insulation is crucial for bay windows. To minimise the noise of traffic outside effectively then sound insulation is the answer for your window. This is where multi-pane insulated glass goes into action. Two or three panes are positioned within the frame and the space between is filled with a noble gas.

The material properties – created by the joining of the panes – prevent the transmission of sound from outside into the inside of the building. Expert and competent fitting of the bay window can also contribute to the quality of the sound-proofing. How well the window is manufactured as well as the sealing thicknesses between window and masonry play major roles here.

Multi-pane insulated glass contributes considerably to the efficient use of energy of any window, as it is exactly these sound-proofing properties which endow the window simultaneously with a thermal insulating effect. The gas inserted into the spaces within the glass panes has an inhibiting effect on the heat exchange between the surrounding air and the glass.

Bay window

A further alternative thermal insulating glazing for bay windows is the multi-pane insulated glass where one or more panes has been treated with a precious metal or metal oxide.

The vapour-applied coating reflects UV-radiation, thereby hindering overheating within the room while simultaneously having an effect on the heat loss through the window pane. Due to the particular spatial properties of a room with a bay window means that warm air typically builds up within the bay meaning that the use of thermal insulated glass is particularly worthwhile here.

More than simply a window

Systematic quality enhancement

The quality of bay windows can be further enhanced by applying high grade accessories. Roller shutters or blinds at the window protect from direct sun light and also from prying eyes, the use of structured glass or ornamental glass can also increase the value of the room.

Especially ornamental glass, as a result of the elaborately applied ornamentation, can add value to any window by bringing an aesthetic touch of and increasing that feel good factor.

The window frame, too, plays a role in the decision for a bay window, as this particular style of window not only serves to keep wind and weather from your door, but also has a very positive influence on the interior climate and thus on the quality of living.

Round turret bay with vinyl windows

Currently the wooden window is especially popular, as thanks to the charm of the material properties of wood, it definitely fits the picture. However, besides wood, we can find uPVC or windows of aluminium in a bay.

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