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Dormer windows – let there be light in the attic

Dormer windows are a type of window that is not only widely found in older buildings;  enhancing the appearance of the roof on the one hand and creating extra space with the introducton of a window on the other. Thanks to energy efficient glazing in the dormer and the chance to use uPVC, aluminium or even wood for the window, dormer windows are enjoying great popularity today.

A dormer in the attic is more than a view from the top

Seen as a special form of roofing window the various styles of dormer window (e.g. gabled, shed, hipped or eyebrow) offer a range of advantages over horizontal roof windows. If, for example, the glass chosen for a dormer window– regardless of whether the frame is manufactured of aluminium, wood or uPVC – is multiple glazed insulating glass, then the heat losses and heating bills can be reduced. Furthermore, glazing of sufficiently high quality ensures that the sun’s rays do not lead to a tremendous build up of heat under the roof. Additionally one has the possibility to produce a dormer in such a way that it holds a door instead of simply a window.

Dormer window with grid protection

In this case it is recommended to install a waist high railing in front of the window for safety reasons.

Lighting for that living with nature feeling

Dormer with window and balcony door

The dormer ensures that the room in the roof is provided with light. If a living room is to be created then the question arises concerning the appropriate window and the best glazing. Compared to the usual flat horizontal window, the dormer window offers diverse advantages such as the simple installation of an external roller shutter. As the dormer itself usually has normal, vertical window frames of aluminium, wood or uPVC, no special requirements or awkward maneuvering is needed during fitting.

Create extra space

Dormer and gable windows

A further advantage of the dormer window compared to conventional roof windows is the additional space that a dormer in the roof creates.

Whereas no supplementary area is won by installing a skylight flush with the slope of the roof, this construction projecting out of the roof as it does creates more space, which can be used for various purposes.

Feel good feeling with fresh air

Both the dormer and the flat skylight supply fresh air to the rooms. However, as the dormer is set at a 90° angle to the surrounding roof, one is able to make use of conventional opening methods. This means that the window can be tilted at any time, or – depending on hinge arrangement – opened to the right or the left in order to create the right draught.

Appearance, material and perspective

The dormer offers an elegant possibility of enhancing the roof. The various types such as gabled, eyebrow or shed enhance the complete building and supply the attic area with more space and more daylight. What is more, a dormer complete with window provides the possibility of having an uninterrupted view of the immediate surroundings.

The decision concerning the material - aluminium, wood or uPVC – on fitting such a widow will affect the appearance of the house: uPVC is easy to maintain and clean and is economic making it a popular choice today; wooden windows have their own inimitable flair. Important for wood, but also for the other models, is a corresponding quality of the other materials. But it is especially wooden windows that require more regular care and attention and must be reconfigured by an expert craftsman after a certain period of time – after all wood is said to be a living material in contrast to aluminium or uPVC.

Tilted wooden dormer window

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