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Bathroom windows – light and homeliness in the bathroom

One’s bathroom is a very private area. It is a place to refresh the body and also a place to retreat to. When cleaning one’s teeth or taking a shower one can quietly daydream, looking forward to the coming weekend or one can take a breather after a hard working day. The design of the bathroom serves much more than purely practical purposes and should create an atmosphere of well-being. Especially important here is the bathroom window. The window in the bathroom is an indispensible source of light. It opens out the room optically and simultaneously provides for adequate airing. At all levels the bathroom window creates a pleasant room climate while also helping to prevent the build up of mildew.

Which design options are available?

Quite independent of how many square meters your bathroom has a window is always a very important accessory. A bathroom window from Windows24.com can be manufactured of noble wood, resistant aluminium or robust and economic uPVC. Also possible is a high quality aluminium-wooden combination, which combines the advantages of a natural product with a modern building material. Regardless of which material is chosen: in every case a bathroom window must be burglar proof and offer effective heat insulation. After deciding for a particular type of material there are a number of different profiles to choose from. These differ not only in their optical appearance but also in their heat transmission coefficient, or U-value. Once the profile has been established the next step is to choose the window type. The range of available models is certainly wide at Windows24.com: whether with window bars or single element sash; even round windows are possible. If the actual shape and form of the window is dictated by the style of house build, then there is nothing to stop other design ideas from being implemented.

Bathroom with windows and doors

The next step is the decision on the right colour of the frames. Conventionally the bathroom window is always white on the interior. But from outside the window should match the total appearance of the house facade.

In white the bathroom window gives an impression of austere but elegant; windows in a wooden look or in solid wood have a noble appearance; and bathroom windows in colour, e.g. bright yellow or fluorescent green, set an unmistakable accent.

Particularly eye-catching is the glazing

The glazing plays an especially important role in the bathroom window. As a rule it should be opaque. For optimum privacy Windows24.com can offer a range of attractive products, both different glazing options and accessories to ensure you have the right window:

  • Frosted or opaque glass
  • Ornamental or structure glass
  • Venetian blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Masking foil
  • Top mounted or front mounted roller shutters

Frosted or opaque glass provides adequate visual protection and endows a solid conservative appearance. An original alternative being just as opaque as well as attractive is the ornamental or structured glass. Where glazing is of clear glass then with the help of an adhesive foil the lower third or half of a bathroom window pane can be protected from prying eyes.

Bathroom with stylish modern windows

As well as the opaque and the structured glass there are a number of other interesting alternatives as screen.

Roller blinds, Venetian blinds or even window roller shutters which can all be found as accessories at Windows24.com.

By the way, modern roller shutters protect not only from sunlight, but also keep out the cold and hence are useful throughout the year. Why not upgrade the bathroom with attractive curtains? Curtains are a cheap screen with a high cosiness factor.

Glazing provides not only efficient resistance against unwanted burglary, but also scores with its very low U-values thus contributing to optimum thermal insulation.

Step by step guide to bathroom window design

  1. Take exact measurements
  2. Select material (wood, aluminium, uPVC or aluminium-wooden composite)
  3. Decide on profile type
  4. Choose colour or decor type for window
  5. Choose particular window type
  6. Select glazing

Windows for the bathroom from Windows24.com

With the aid of the special window configurator it is not only possible to design bathroom windows for private households; construction elements for business premises can also be planned. Whether it is a hotel, rental apartment or office building: the configurator can be used to design uPVC windows, wooden windows or windows of aluminium for kitchen, living room or for a study.

And all according to one’s own wishes and individual taste and finally to be ordered. Furthermore, all construction elements can be upgraded by adding roller blinds, Venetian blinds or even – for enjoying time in one’s own garden – with an awning. Windows24.com always comes up with fresh ideas – not only for bathroom windows.

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