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Window Security

Burglary is unfortunately a daily occurrence in many parts of the world. Criminals will almost always look for the path of least resistance into a house which is typically through doors and windows. Because of this, modern window designs have taken this trend into account in order to offer a variety of security features resistant to common attacks against both the glass and frame.


In addition to standard glazing, there are several types of safety glass to choose from. The three types are as follows:

  • Laminated safety glass
  • Single pane safety glass
  • Impact resistant safety glass

Impact resistant glazing offers the greatest protection. You can find further information on this topic under Glazing.


The choice of window hardware is an important component of its overall security. You have the choice between three different levels of security:

  • Basic security
  • Resistance Class 1
  • Resistance Class 2

You can find further information on this topic under Hardware.


Locking window handles increase the safety of your windows.

A Final Word on Window Security

In order for a window to be achieve a standard security rating, several criteria must be met. A vinyl window must feature both quality welding and overall construction but its components must also individually meet the same standards including the glazing, hardware and handle. This is why having only security glazing but basic hardware, or the reverse, is not recommended. When choosing our RC1 or RC2 security package, make sure to choose the relevant glazing as well.

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