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Insect protection with a flyscreen

Naturally, one can find in every store all manner of sprays and insecticides - not always so harmless for us, for our children or our pets. Unsightly fly-catching tapes, full of dead flies and insects, hanging from the ceiling are not appealing to everyone! Good reasons to attack the problem head on.

A flyscreen prevents any undesired insect intrusion into our home and in some areas such as gastronomy are a legal obligation. They present an easy and relatively cheap measure, that not only requires absolutely no chemicals but are also a sustainable protection against unwanted guests. Flyscreens are available with either a gauze or a plastic mesh in white or black. They are typically supplied as a set with velcro tape closure. The adhesive tape is stuck to the window frame and the net is pressed firmly against it. The cheapest version of flyscreen is ready for action. Unfortunately, this method of application is time-consuming: firstly the window frame itself has to be freed of any dirt or grease. Otherwise the flyscreen will not provide any comfort for a longer period. Also it can come loose at some points and even small holes are a welcoming access point for insects.


Flyscreens which are made from fine metal mesh are suitable, because of the mounting possibilities, for application outside the window rather than within the living space.

"Flyscreens mounted on a frame are stable, weatherproof and durable!"

The best solution?

The most comfortable and convenient solution to keep flies, spiders, wasps and other pests out of your living rooms are flyscreens mounted on frames. The choice is great: there are variants for uPVC, wood and for aluminium framed windows. It is possible to fit tilting windows, patio windows, sky with a flyscreen. Fibre-glass netting is available as pleated fabric, insect mesh in rotating frame or in sliding frame - everything is possible. There are do it yourself kits, where one can construct the frames by oneself - or tailor made solutions which only need insertion.

Especially for windows which are not a conventional standard these can be very good solution. Often tools for mounting are unnecessary as the mesh can simply be hung in prepared plastic brackets and are immediately ready for use. Even roller blinds at windows or balcony doors do not need to be an obstacle. There are models that are so flat that they are not in the way when opening and closing shutters. Frame-stretched flyscreens are stable, weatherproof and durable. They can easily be taken down either for cleaning or during the winter months and are so discreet that - without being an eyesore - they can be incorporated into almost every facade.


There is no need to put up with flying insects within the living room - for every purse and for every window there is an optimum solution. Flyscreens are  simple and effective measure to enjoy warm sunny days in peace and quiet.

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