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Window wood types

Windows are available in different materials. The wood window has long been one of the most popular models in our range and is even available in different versions. Customers can choose from four wood types, all of which have individual properties. But windows made of aluminium or uPVC can also be given a wood look on request. For this purpose, there is a large selection of decorative paints and varnishes for wood windows in our range. Because a window not only has to fulfil important functions in the house, it also has to look good.

Our most popular wood types for windows

Window mahogany

Window mahogany
from € 122 from € 122

Window meranti

Window meranti profile
from € 146 from € 146

Window larch

Window larch profile
from € 183 from € 183

Window oak

Window oak
from € 183 from € 183

Other wood types for windows

Wood of the highest quality – guaranteed

The door and window wood types available at windows24.com include:

  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Larch
  • Meranti

All wood is of the highest quality and is provided with a protective wood glaze during the window manufacturing process, which makes the product resistant to the elements and wear and tear. In this way, wood windows can perform the same functions as their alu or uPVC counterparts and are used in particularly exposed places. One of the most important functions of a window is thermal insulation.

As a building material, wood naturally features a high level of insulation and thus guarantees excellent energy efficiency values as a result. The type of wood used in the construction of windows does not make a significant difference in this regard. Wooden windows created using high-quality timber also boast a number of considerable advantages when it comes to sound insulation and break-in protection. The frames are structurally stable while also being available in a wide variety of looks and designs. If you want to increase the amount of thermal insulation, break-in protection or soundproofing offered by your windows still further, these can all be enhanced with the right kind of glazing. In fact, modern glazing can even provide protection against the sun. These special types of glass give a significant boost to your windows' energy efficiency and security levels and ensure a safe, comfortable living experience in your home. Nevertheless, building owners should always take care to obtain extensive information about saving energy before any windows are installed.

Wood-effect or colourful decors?

Elegant timbers add value to any product. Real examples of fine woods cannot always be used for various reasons, however. That is why we offer a large selection of wood-effect decors here at windows24.com.

Such options allow the appearance of mahogany, walnut and a variety of other types of wood to work their charm on windows and doors – and even front doors, too.

Wood-effect decors are applied to the windows in question using modern methods that vary depending on the base materials involved.

Unlike wooden windows – which are treated with a layer of paint – products made of aluminium and uPVC obtain their elegant appearance from the powder coating process and special decorative foils.

It is also possible to make use of all the available RAL colours when designing windows and doors. These tones can be applied to the products in the same way as our range of wood-effect decors to produce an elegant, harmonious or colourful look within your own four walls.

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