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Meranti Windows

Available as Wooden or Composite Window

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  • Simple assembly
  • Configurable with front-mounted or top-mounted roller shutters
  • Many functional glazing types possible
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Meranti wooden windows are not only timelessly sophisticated, but also easy to maintain and durable. Depending on the actual type and density of the wood the final colour will vary between a rich red brown and a lighter almost yellow tone; the density of the material also being influenced by the wood type. Windows24.com offers a wide range of attractive wood windows of meranti. The window frame is a crucial element in the design of the facade of a house and has a major part to play in the overall impression that the house has externally. Windows made of wood exert a warm feeling and are inviting and can be combined into virtually any style of building: from modern to rural.

Flexible and Versatile

A frame manufactured of meranti wood combines a number of good advantages together. On the one hand, thanks to the complex but naturally occurring variety of the wood meranti windows are extreme flexible and can be integrated precisely according to the wishes of the home owner, with no need for the frame to be coated extra or for a painter and decorator’s efforts. One coating to accentuate the natural shade of the wood while providing additional protection against the elements is sufficient. What is more meranti, thanks to its higher density as a wood, is extremely well suited as a wooden frame, being harder and more weather resistant.

So windows of meranti are especially long-lasting and easy to maintain.

But not only window frames made of wood bring the necessary charm to the look of a façade: Front doors and interior doors also radiate their special something thanks to the material wood.

Of course, due to the lack of weathering, the maintenance requirements for interior doors are even lower than for exterior doors, making wooden interior doors lifelong companions.

Paint and Varnish for the Window

The frame of a window in meranti can be transformed at any future date by applying a coat or two of paint. There is absolutely no problem sanding down this durable wood and then painting it. The selection of the right paint or varnish will guarantee the perfect finish to your window. Many other types of wood can be treated in this way and the windows transformed in a moment. At Windows24.com we can offer the following high quality grade A wood types from our assortment:

  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Larch

The hardwoods are easy to maintain the same as for meranti and are also available in a variety of colour shades. The correct type of paint allows any of these woods to shine in a new light and as one can easily sand down any of these wood frames and repaint or re-varnish, there is really no limit to the amount of creativity that any home owner can call on.

Furthermore, there are numerous different types of glass available for every window frame. Choose from double-glazing, soundproof glass or thermal insulation glazing with extra thick panes. Frosted glass types such as ornament glazing or textured glass also in our wide assortment. For more security then alarmed glazing with integrated alarm strip or impact resistant glass.
Whichever type of glass is fitted in the frame, it will always represent added value. As an alternative to high value frames of solid wood, frames can now be produced from PVC or aluminium having a special foil applied to the surface which gives the frame that wooden look. Whether you choose a wooden frame or any other material, e.g. PVC or aluminium, Windows24.com has windows and accessories to satisfy everybody’s taste and suit their budget. And, of course, everything only of the highest quality.

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