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Should the goods supplied by us be in any way faulty, then the following terms and conditions will apply:

For new doors and windows which are delivered the warranty is valid for a period of 5 years – regardless of whether you have ordered as a private person or a commercial business partner.

For other products supplied via our online shop at Windows24.com-Shop the warranty period for private persons is 2 years and for commercial business partner it is one year.

Assuming you have ordered goods as a business as described under the German commercial code, then the commercial obligations concerning inspection and notification will apply (see paragraph § 10 b) as described in our General Terms of Business).

The expiry period begins from date of delivery of goods.

No guarantees above and beyond the legal warranty conditions are provided by us for the delivered goods.

Details of the conditions of warranty can be found in our General Terms of doing Business (paragraphs 10 and 12) which you can find here.

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