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Wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors

Wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors are doubly impressive: Wood provides a cosy touch of character and – as a breathable natural material – ensures an excellent climate within your home. Aluminium is an extremely stable material that serves as a protective shell to secure your home against break-ins. Simply use our configurator to select the type of wood you prefer and the right glazing for very highest levels of comfort in your home.

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Our wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors

Twice as good: Our wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors feature a combination of materials that provides comfort on the inside and weatherproofing on the outside

  • IDEALU Classicline IV 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.86
    The classic wood-alu system

    IDEALU Classicline IV 68

    • Offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with double- and triple glazing
    from € 3,674 from € 3,674
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  • IDEALU Trendline IV 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.86
    The perfectly balanced wood-alu system

    IDEALU Trendline IV 68

    • Semi-offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with double- and triple glazing
    from € 4,409 from € 4,409
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  • Plano
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.79
    The elegant wood-alu system


    • Flush design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 4,533 from € 4,533
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  • IDEALU Classicline IV 78
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.78
    The classic wood-alu system

    IDEALU Classicline IV 78

    • Offset design
    • 78 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 4,717 from € 4,717
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  • ECO Idealu Classic line
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.72
    The offset Eco-system

    ECO IDEALU Classicline

    • Offset design
    • 76 mm construction depth
    • The very best thermal insulation values
    from € 5,635 from € 5,635
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  • ECO Plano
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.72
    The elegant energy-saving system


    • Flush design
    • 76 mm construction depth
    • The very best thermal insulation values
    from € 5,635 from € 5,635
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A unique door to suit your personal requirements

The combination of innovative opening mechanisms and complex profiles makes wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors some of the most advanced door models available for your garden or balcony area today. Of course, various different features can also be added to customise these doors. This makes it possible to adapt your very own wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors to suit your personal needs and preferences, both with regard to their functionality and appearance. Moreover, the fusion of wooden profiles and aluminium outer shells that is used for these tilt and slide patio doors opens up the possibility of different visual combinations that would not be quite so possible with many other models.


Colours for wood-alu parallel slide & tilt doors

Whether you prefer a striking combination of bright tones or a simple selection of subtle shades, our wide ranging palette of RAL colours lets you design your wood-alu parallel slide & tilt doors to suit your tastes exactly.

Glazing bars

Glazing bars for wood-alu parallel slide & tilt doors

It has never been easier to add a stylish upgrade to your wood-alu parallel slide & tilt doors thanks to our selection of true, Astragal and Georgian glazing bars.

Detail drawings

Detail drawings of wood-alu parallel slide & tilt doors

Detail drawings and cross-sections provide information about the structure of your parallel slide & tilt doors, including the construction depth and the position of various different accessories.


Uw-values of wood-alu parallel slide & tilt doors

The Uw-value serves as a point of comparison for levels of energy efficiency. When it comes to glazed parallel slide & tilt doors, for instance, this figure indicates the amount of thermal insulation provided by the profile/the type of glass.

Practical accessories and optional features

As with all our other doors, the high-quality wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors we sell can be fitted with accessories that manage to improve their characteristics still further in an enormous variety of domains. For example, security fittings and robust, optionally lockable window handles can also be integrated into our door models that feature the slide & tilt function as required. Double or triple glazing provides additional thermal insulation, while integrated fly screens, noise control glass and electronically operated roller shutters can significantly increase the comfort of your home. Selecting the ideal combination of these optional accessories is easy if you look at the location where the doors will be installed – additional security features are particularly invaluable, for example, if they will serve as garden doors.


Glazing for parallel slide & tilt doors

Find the right (functional) glazing for your new parallel slide and tilt doors and add even more effective protection to your home.

Opening styles, parallel slide & tilt doors

Opening styles of parallel slide & tilt doors

Parallel slide and tilt systems are available in various designs and combinations. However you customise them, they always provide a space-saving solution.


Hardware for parallel slide & tilt doors

Choose the fitting with the required resistance class. You can find all the information you need about security fittings here.

Parallel slide & tilt door handles

Handles for parallel slide & tilt doors

No matter whether you want them in silver, brown, white or titanium tones, you will find just the right handles for your parallel slide and tilt doors here. Some of them are even lockable, too.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters for parallel slide & tilt doors

You can find just the right roller shutter system to add increased break-in protection and privacy to your parallel slide & tilt doors here. This will make your home more modern and more secure.

Insect protection

Insect protection

Fly screens provide protection against mosquitoes and other pests during warmer weather. They can be retrofitted at any time.

Information and instructional guides: Help when buying doors

You can find a range of useful aids for passionate DIYers here that help ensure the complex opening mechanisms are correctly installed. Provided you have the right tools, the detailed representations of the installation and adjustment processes can save you booking a costly visit from a professional tradesperson to carry out smaller tasks on your new aluminium-covered wooden doors. This means you save twice with windows24.com. And thanks to our instructions, the opening mechanism will function smoothly afterwards, too.



Hear from our experts in the video world and watch short informative clips about door manufacturing, our materials, and the configurator.



Door installation is made simple with our step-by-step installation instructions and clear illustrations – just head below to discover more.

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Further information

A great many aesthetic possibilities

Of course, if you choose to install parallel slide & tilt doors, it is not just because you want to benefit from such practical advantages as the range of ventilation options and fantastic levels of robustness these door models provide, but also because you hope to have a door that fits perfectly with the facade of your home.

In order to achieve this, windows24.com gives you the entire palette of RAL colours to choose from, ranging from subtle white to warm honey yellow. As if that were not enough, the particular construction of wood-alu parallel slide & tilt doors also allows for individualised colour combinations that are not possible with other types of doors.

Indeed, the outer aluminium shell of wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors can be given a different colour from that of the wooden frames.

For example, it would be perfectly possible to coat the external aluminium shell in a modern, subtle white tone while using the natural colouring of the wood to create a warm ambience in the interior of your home. Of course, it is also possible to put different colours on either side of the door.

The advantages of a wood-alu construction

Here at windows24.com, we do not just sell tilt and slide patio doors in one type of material. In fact, three other variants can also be selected as an alternative:

  • Pure wood
  • uPVC
  • uPVC-aluminium

Of these options, wood-alu parallel slide & tilt doors are the most robust and – alongside the uPVC versions – also the most durable. The reason for this is their intelligent combination of building materials that feature advantages and disadvantages that balance each other out.

Solid wood is an extremely robust, breathable material that provides outstanding levels of thermal insulation and exudes a particularly natural ambience within your home. At the same time, however, wooden frames need a new coat of paint every few years to protect them from possible damage from weather conditions outside.

Aluminium, on the other hand, might have poorer thermal insulation properties than wood, but it is extremely weather-resistant when it has an intact anodised surface and can withstand any type of force.

Thanks to their clever mix of thermally insulating wood and resistant aluminium, wood-alu tilt and slide patio doors perform outstandingly well in practically all the areas that are important for a door. Moreover, they do not require the same amount of maintenance as pure wood doors.

Together with the aesthetic advantages and decorative possibilities that this combination of materials also offers, these benefits mean that wood-alu is considered one of the most advantageous construction options for all kinds of doors on the market today.

Despite all these strong points, however, you should not forgo high-quality glazing when choosing a wood-alu tilt and slide patio door – the majority of a door panel's surface is made up of this glass, after all.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a tilt and slide patio door made of wood and aluminium is determined, among other things, by its desired size, wood type, glazing and, of course, individual features. The configurator gives you full control over the cost at all times, because the price change is displayed immediately after each option is selected. Our cheapest model is the IDEALU Classicline IV 68 which starts from €3,674; however, you can even benefit from thermal insulation values suitable for passive houses with our ECO profiles for as low as €5,635.

Wood is a popular material that is not only sustainable and naturally insulating, but also creates a cosy atmosphere. The combination of wood with an aluminium outer shell protects the wood from the elements, which significantly reduces maintenance and improves durability. In addition, the lightweight metal increases stability, thus also increasing break-in protection. Another advantage of this combination of materials: with our configurator you can design the inside and outside in different colours.

Two materials are used for wood-aluminium doors and their colour can be determined individually. Depending on the wood type you have selected, you can choose from up to nine wood colours for the wood side. These are particularly eco-friendly water-based paints that are 100% opaque. The aluminium exterior is powder coated to prevent corrosion and protect the finish from the elements. Here you can choose from a variety of different colours to perfectly match the patio door to your house.

Tilt and slide patio doors are particularly popular when renovating because they can be easily adapted to the existing building. At the same time, they can be opened wide and let a lot of light into the inside of your home. In contrast to lift and slide doors, individual sashes on a tilt and slide patio door can not only be pushed open, but also tilted. This is done with the help of guide rails, which ensure uncomplicated operation.

The size of your wood-aluminium tilt and slide patio door depends largely on how many sashes you want it to have. The technically feasible minimum and maximum dimensions not only change with the number of sashes, but also depend on whether they are fixed or movable units. Usually a single sash has a width of 80 to 100 cm, but what is most important is that you can walk comfortably through the opening.

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