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The right fittings for parallel slide & tilt doors

Close, tilt, open – parallel slide and tilt doors have a relatively wide range of opening options. This makes them one of the most flexible door types for patio or balcony use. The tilt function involves of course the windows, but in order to ensure that the much heavier sashes can be moved as well as tilted, special parallel slide & tilt door fittings are a must. Models from windows24.com rely on high-quality workmanship from Siegenia.

What must a parallel slide and tilt fitting be able to do?

Glass is heavy – it's even heavier when built into a wooden frame or uPVC profiles with steel inserts. It should come as no surprise that sash elements for parallel slide & tilt doors require considerable structural integrity. After all, the weight of such a door must be borne by the shears when it is tilted and by the entire fitting when fully opened. Even when closed, the runner must be able to securely support the sash and at the same time to fasten it in such a way that the seals between the frame and sash frame can fulfil their purpose. For this reason, all hardware elements used in parallel slide & tilt doors must be particularly sturdy in order to reliably fulfil their respective purpose, even under enormous weight:

  • Turning handle or lever for gradual opening
  • Lock for reliable break-in protection
  • Shears for safe tipping
  • Hinges for parallel positioning
  • Runner and rail for smooth opening

Parallel slide & tilt door fitting To a certain extent, fittings for parallel slide & tilt doors are reminiscent of window fittings for turn-tilt windows, both of which allow you to tilt the window. In addition to the shears required for this, these fittings also have horizontal shear elements, which make it possible to lift the sash into a parallel position in the first place. The runner and rail, on the other hand, are similar to a traditional sliding door.

Additional security accessories for parallel slide & tilt door fittings

Once the sash has been fitted with laminated safety glass, additional effective measures can be added to the fitting to ensure increased break-in protection. As with conventional sliding doors and lift-and-slide doors, the additional protection of a lock with robust steel striking plates and additional sash lock with mushroom-head locking bolt system are particularly suitable here.

Although the visual embellishment of metal elements is of little importance for the exterior facade, it can act as a sensational accent inside.

Optical highlights through the use of fittings

Parallel slide & tilt doors are usually installed so that they open inwards: when operating the turning handle mechanism, the sash tilts inwards and ultimately lifts out of the frame in the same direction. The reason for this is security: it's only natural that intruders should not be able to access the fittings from the outside. However, this also means that almost all fittings, from the runner and rail to the shears, are on the inside. For example, you can choose between three different colours for Siegenia fittings on models from windows24.com:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Middle bronze

Together with the countless design options for wood, uPVC and aluminium frames – from the wide range of RAL palette colours to wood finish film – attention can either be drawn to the fitting or away from it. For example, pure white fittings are not at all noticeable on a white door, while shiny silver runners on a dark parallel slide & tilt balcony door create an aesthetically interesting combination.

Parallel slide & tile door fittings for every need

With high-quality Siegenia fittings, additional break-in protection options and, of course, a select range of possible colours, the fittings for parallel slide & tilt doors from windows24.com are not only extremely useful on a practical level, they also support the interior design of your home in a particularly stylish way.

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