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Safe and high quality: The parallel slide & tilt door handle

Complete parallel slide & tilt doors always include a handle. The mechanism of a parallel slide and tilt door, which differs from the function of a sliding door in that it includes an additional tilt function, is controlled effortlessly and simply by the handle. In this way, even the heavy sashes of a sliding door can be opened or closed with little effort. The handles are available in different designs in the windows24.com range, and they meet all the requirements for safety and aesthetics. This means that every parallel slide & tilt door has the right handle.

The mechanism

The parallel slide & tilt door handle is usually attached to the frame at waist height and consists of a lever that can be rotated up to 180°.
To open, the rotary handle is first tilted by 90°, which means that the balcony or patio door is in the tilted position, which, like a conventional tilt and turn window, allows for good air circulation. However, if the parallel slide & tilt door handle is now rotated by 180°, the sash can be moved to the right or left via a door slide mechanism, depending on how the opening direction was set.

Since this opens up a large part of the window front, this mechanism is perfect for use on a patio or balcony.

Parallel slide & tilt doors are also suitable for rooms that do not allow swing doors due to their design. This saves space not only on the patio or balcony.

Choice of security features

Parallel slide & tilt door handles should not only be functional, but also secure. For this purpose, various models are available in the windows24.com range, which offer the necessary break-in protection in addition to fittings and optional safety glazing. Here you can choose from:

  • Standard handles
  • Lockable handles
  • Built-in door lock for door mechanism (no tilt function)

If you opt for a model with a built-in door lock, unfortunately you will not be able to tilt the sliding door. Lockable models also ensure that for example, children cannot get into the garden unnoticed. On the other hand, there is no locking option with standard handles. All handles have a slim look that goes perfectly with the elegant design of a parallel slide and tilt door.

Put together a total package with the right choice

Simple operation, variable security levels and an attractive appearance: If you own a modern parallel slide and tilt door, you don’t have to do without the key features when it comes to the handle either: After all, the wealth of detail also shows whether your balcony/patio door fits in completely with your home.

With the versatile handles from windows24.com you cover all factors: Similar to the selection of the doors themselves, you can choose between different models for the handles, which have your preferred properties. You will always find the right handle for your parallel slide & tilt door.

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