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Wood tilt and slide patio door

A wood tilt and slide patio door not only offers aesthetic advantages, but also improves the indoor climate and energy balance of your home. We offer the choice between the wood types pine, oak, eucalyptus, spruce, larch and Meranti, which allows you to individually adapt your tilt and slide patio door to your living style. In combination with the parallel slide and tilt function, the patio door offers you full flexibility.

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Our wood tilt and slide patio doors

A feeling of well-being and high flexibility: wood parallel slide & tilt doors are sustainable, and available in different wood types

  • Classic IV 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 1.00
    The distinctive profile

    Classic IV 68

    • Offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with double glazing
    from € 2,816 from € 2,816
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  • Rustikal IV 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 1.00
    The aesthetic profile

    Rustic IV 68

    • Offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Available with double glazing
    from € 2,957 from € 2,957
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  • Classic IV 78
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.84
    The striking premium profile

    Classic IV 78

    • Offset design
    • 78 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 3,222 from € 3,222
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  • Rustic IV 78
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.84
    The aesthetic premium profile

    Rustic IV 78

    • Offset design
    • 78 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 3,363 from € 3,363
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Customising your tilt and slide patio door

Wood tilt and slide patio doors represent a highly modern door variant made of natural material, which can of course also be customised: For example, you can choose double or triple glazing, and adapt the colour of the frame to your personal style thanks to varnishes and coloured paints from the RAL palette. The varnish or paint also helps to maintain the wooden door frame and ensure a long service life. It protects it from the effects of the weather, scratches and other damage. If applied regularly, your wooden door will last almost as long as a uPVC door.


Colours for wood parallel slide & tilt doors

Thanks to the large selection of RAL colours, you can design your wood parallel slide & tilt doors as you wish. Bold tones or subtle nuances - anything is possible.

Glazing bars

Bars for wood parallel slide & tilt doors

Bars give your wood parallel slide & tilt door that special touch and upgrade your house to a villa or a chic town house. There are three rung types to choose from.

Detail drawings

Detailed drawings of wood parallel slide & tilt doors

Detail drawings and cross-sections provide information about the structure of your parallel slide & tilt doors, including the construction depth and the position of various different accessories.


Uw values of wood parallel slide & tilt doors

The Uw-value serves as a point of comparison for levels of energy efficiency. When it comes to glazed parallel slide & tilt doors, for instance, this figure indicates the amount of thermal insulation provided by the profile/the type of glass.

Equipment and optional accessories

Wood tilt and slide patio doors can be supplied with all imaginable accessories, from security fittings as a reliable means of break-in protection to different glazing variants as effective thermal insulation. Integrated insect protection measures are of course not to be scoffed at, especially when used on garden or balcony doors. Window handles and shutters, in turn, offer additional security as well as being convenient to use. So if you want to adapt your door completely to your needs, you will definitely find what you are looking for here.


Glazing for parallel slide & tilt doors

Find the right (functional) glazing for your new parallel slide and tilt doors and add even more effective protection to your home.

Opening styles, parallel slide & tilt doors

Opening styles of parallel slide & tilt doors

Parallel slide and tilt systems are available in various designs and combinations. However you customise them, they always provide a space-saving solution.


Hardware for parallel slide & tilt doors

Choose the fitting with the required resistance class. You can find all the information you need about security fittings here.

Parallel slide & tilt door handles

Handles for parallel slide & tilt doors

No matter whether you want them in silver, brown, white or titanium tones, you will find just the right handles for your parallel slide and tilt doors here. Some of them are even lockable, too.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters for parallel slide & tilt doors

You can find just the right roller shutter system to add increased break-in protection and privacy to your parallel slide & tilt doors here. This will make your home more modern and more secure.

Insect protection

Insect protection

Fly screens provide protection against mosquitoes and other pests during warmer weather. They can be retrofitted at any time.

Information and instructions: Helpful tips on wood tilt and slide patio doors

Once you have chosen the right model in the right size and with the perfect equipment, you are only half way through. After all, a door needs to be installed and adjusted by a skilled fitter to ensure that the tilt and slide function runs smoothly. Although the installation of the complex mechanism should really be carried out by a professional fitter, DIY enthusiasts can also find their way around with these useful tools when it comes to conversions and adjustments.



Hear from our experts in the video world and watch short informative clips about door manufacturing, our materials, and the configurator.



Door installation is made simple with our step-by-step installation instructions and clear illustrations – just head below to discover more.

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Further information

Multiple design options

With their robust solid wood profiles, tilt and slide patio doors are perfect for creating a particularly traditional look. Wooden profiles look natural and warm.

The doors are varnished to make them weatherproof, which means that the characteristic colour and grain of the type of wood used can be seen clearly both on the inside and outside.

In older buildings in particular, tilt and slide patio doors can offer considerable advantages when it comes to ventilation, and at the same time do not look out of the ordinary. A wooden door painted using RAL colours offers enormous flexibility when it comes to adapting to your facade.

This also makes it possible to match the colour of existing components such as window frames or the roof: from a striking sky blue to a natural brown tone, there is something to suit every taste.

A wooden door painted with an opaque white has a modern appearance which is normally only seen on uPVC or aluminium doors.

All RAL paints are fade-resistant and weather-proof, which means that they will retain their vibrant colour for a long time. This helps to make your parallel slide & tilt wooden door last longer and means less maintenance.

Protect and ventilate with parallel slide & tilt doors

The great advantage of parallel slide & tilt doors is that they can be opened to provide three different levels of ventilation:

  • Partial ventilation
  • Tilt ventilation
  • Shock ventilation

In the first level, the door leaf rises out of the door parallel to the frame, this creates a minimal gap between the two wooden elements to allow air to flow through.

In the second level, the upper part of the sash folds out to allow ventilation in the same way as tilted windows.

From this position, the lower side of the window sash can also be lifted out of the frame, which allows the door to be opened completely using the sliding function.

Modern parallel slide & tilt doors are built in such a way that, despite being easy to use, they do not neglect aspects such as break-in protection and thermal insulation.

With up to triple glazing and well thought-out wooden profiles, in a closed state, parallel slide & tilt doors from windows24.com offer the same insulation as a door without glass. Even in the tilted or parallel open mode, they can only be forced open by determined burglars with electric tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood is a popular material, but price is an important consideration. The type of wood plays an important role here, because more common types such as pine or spruce are usually cheaper than oak, for example. In addition, however, the size of the parallel slide & tilt door, glazing and the desired safety equipment also influence the costs. The classic profile in an angular design is available from us with a construction depth of 68 mm from €2,816, with a construction depth of 78 mm from €3,222.

Wood is a very versatile material and can be perfectly adapted to your living style by choosing the right type. In order to offer you the greatest possible creative freedom, our parallel slide & tilt doors are available in six different types of wood. The classic varieties include pine and spruce, which have long been used in window construction. The two hardwoods larch and oak, on the other hand, are extremely durable. In addition, there are two tropical woods, Meranti and eucalyptus, which of course come from EU-certified cultivation. Depending on the type of wood, you can then choose from up to five environmentally friendly wood colours.

Even if the popularity of wood is subject to certain fluctuations, the sustainable material is basically considered timeless. In addition to its homely appearance, it is above all the uniqueness that makes wood so special - each of our wood parallel slide & tilt doors is also a real one-off. The choice of the respective type of wood plays a major role, because each has its own character. Important to know: softwoods such as pine and spruce have better insulation values, while hardwood such as oak offers more stability and break-in protection. In addition, you should regularly maintain and apply new varnish to wooden frames, this will make them just as good as other materials in terms of durability.

Sash bars have a long tradition in window construction and are still used today to emphasise traditional or rustic styles. You can also order our wood parallel slide & tilt doors with sash bars if you wish, and you have the choice of three types: so-called Helima sash bars, which are fastened in the space between the panes, Viennese sash bars attached on both sides, and classic glass sash bars. You use the configuration tool to specify how many sash bars each sash of your parallel slide & tilt doors should have.

Because parallel slide & tilt doors can be configured with up to four sashes, they can be used to create very large glass areas. However, it is not just the number of sashes that is decisive for the overall size of the door, but also whether the elements are fixed or movable. In principle, the individual sash can have different widths, but experience has shown that 80 to 100 cm is ideal, while a height of approx. 200 cm has proven to be the ideal size. The potential minimum and maximum sizes that can be used are shown in the configuration tool.

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