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Parallel slide & tilt doors and their opening types

Parallel slide & tilt doors are a particularly versatile type of garden and balcony door. Thanks to a flexible mechanism they combine the slide function of sliding sash doors with the tilt function of standard windows. In this way, they allow a comparatively large selection of opening types. Opening the door for ventilation is particularly easy and convenient with parallel slide & tilt models, which is why the parallel pull-out sashes are very popular today - be it as a classic wood, inexpensive uPVC or modern alu model.

The incredible versatility of parallel slide and tilt doors

Here is a brief summary of the functionality and opening types of typical parallel slide & tilt doors: the closed sash is first tilted horizontally by turning the door handle and finally detaches from the lower frame with another turn of the handle. The sash, which now protrudes parallel to the frame, can be moved horizontally in order to open or close the door opening as required. Although this is a relatively seamless process, it is still possible to distinguish roughly between four basic positions:

  • closed
  • tilt position
  • parallel position
  • open

All of these opening types have different advantages, which ensure that this type of sliding door is one of the most versatile systems on the market.

Break-in protection and thermal insulation – the closed position

Closed doors offer break-in protection and effectively insulate thermal heat with the appropriate glazing - that shouldn't surprise anyone. However, if you consider the complex mechanics of parallel slide and tilt balcony doors, you may be surprised that all these advantages are also offered by models with parallel slide & tilt opening types without the need for compromises. Thanks to the use of sophisticated fittings the relatively heavy sliding sashes of parallel slide & tilt doors sit absolutely securely in their frames. In addition, this special opening type is often not obvious to intruders from the outside, which is why uninvited guests sometimes choose methods that are not at all suitable for breaking open this type of door.

Secure ventilation – without having to open the door sash

The folding opening type used for these balcony doors is of course based on the tilt and turn window. This means that, when folded, there is an exchange of air between the inside and outside, but the door still offers noticeable resistance to any attempted break-ins thanks to the particularly robust fittings and shears.

Parallel slide & tilt doors can be equipped with additional security elements and are in no way inferior to other opening type models in terms of break-in protection. However, if you do leave the house for a long time, it is better to leave the tilting door closed.

Ventilation without a draught – the parallel position

If ventilation with a tilted door is not enough at the height of summer, but you also don't want the strong draught of opening it completely, then the sash can be easily positioned parallel to the door frame, all thanks to the variable opening types. This results in an all-round vent, which nonetheless still protects the doorway from strong gusts.

Ventilation through complete opening

When fully opened, parallel slide & tilt doors, just like other sliding doors, impress with their suitability in tight spaces – since the sash does not swing inwards or outwards with such opening types, no additional space is needed. As a result, these door models are also ideal for tight spaces.

Parallel slide & tilt doors – four opening types for unimagined convenience

Before you start choosing the basic material – wood, alu or uPVC – and accessories when buying a new door, you should consider the possible opening types, which likewise play a major role. Parallel slide & tilt doors impress with their balanced combination of different possible sash positions, which open up possible uses that no other mechanism would otherwise allow.

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