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uPVC-aluminium tilt and slide patio doors

Opting for uPVC-aluminium tilt and slide patio doors is an excellent choice. The multi-chamber uPVC profiles provide the very best levels of thermal insulation, while the aluminium outer shell offers reliable protection against break-ins and weather-related wear and tear. In addition to the characteristics of their materials, tilt and slide patio doors boast a number of functional advantages thanks to their space-saving, highly versatile design.

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Our uPVC-alu parallel slide & tilt doors

uPVC-aluminium parallel slide & tilt doors give you double the benefits: They are energy-efficient on the inside and weather-resistant on the outside.

  • TwinSet 4000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.90
    Das Basic system

    TwinSet 4000

    • Offset design
    • 75 mm construction depth
    • 5-chamber profile with 2 seals
    from € 1,607 from € 1,607
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  • Twinset 8000
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.80
    The energy-saving system

    TwinSet 8000

    • Offset design
    • 90 mm construction depth
    • 6-chamber profile with 3 seals
    from € 1,928 from € 1,928
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Further features and information

At windows24.com we recognise that data is important for customers to make informed decisions. That's why we've linked our clearly displayed u-value tables below so energy efficiency and thermal insulation can be transparently examined and compared. Our range of colours, decors and glazing bars are then also accessible, so that a characterful and vibrant finish can be acheived for the door glazing, interior uPVC, and external metal cladding alike.

Other customisable options

From privacy and safety glazing to additional fittings, tilt and slide door performance can easily be enhanced to suit specific customer requirements. Just head to the configurator to select the options and browse all today. There you will also find a wide range of design possibilities, from golden-brown, silver, and white handles to colourful roller shutters that add character while ensuring excellent sun protection and impact resistance.

Explanatory videos and instructions guides

Save costs on professional assembly and correctly install your door with ease thanks to our step-by-step instruction guides. Our expert team are also on hand to help –  just get in touch today. For those interested in our manufacturing processing or to view videos on how to measure and adjust doors, the video area linked below also provides useful information.

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Further information

Excellent thermal insulation values paired with outstanding levels of robustness

The belief that wood boasts the very best thermal insulation values out of all the available profile materials harks back to the early days of uPVC frames. Since then, however, wood has been overtaken by uPVC. This is due to the combination of a material that naturally exhibits low levels of thermal conductivity and the clever design of the frame profiles themselves.

To take just one example, the modern uPVC-alu frames you see on tilt and slide patio doors consist of a uPVC core that is divided up into a number of hollow chambers – usually between 5 and 6 separate chambers per frame. These air-filled chambers help stop heat being transferred from the uPVC material to the next air chamber and from the air chamber to the next section of uPVC.

While the U-values of uPVC doors are among the best in the industry in their own right, adding an additional aluminium outer shell means that uPVC-alu tilt and slide patio doors also manage to outperform their pure-wood counterparts in terms of structural robustness as well.

The light metal is mounted on the frame in such a way that it can never have a negative effect on the thermal insulation properties of the uPVC.

This means that uPVC-alu tilt and slide patio doors offer greater weather resistance and above-average break-in protection for a very affordable price.

The advantages of the tilt and slide patio door system

At first glance, tilt and slide patio doors can sometimes look more complicated than other types of doors used for balconies and garden areas. This seems particularly true when you compare them to the range of far less complicated alternatives that are available on the market, including:

  • Swing doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Folding sliding doors

However, the major advantage that tilt and slide patio doors have over other mechanisms lies in the relatively large number of opening styles they allow.

In fact, the parallel slide and tilt models from windows24.com can be moved into four different positions. When firmly closed, for example, the door panel sits securely in the frame and offers a high degree of resistance against attempted break-ins and intense rainfall thanks to its robust, heavy-duty construction.

When pushed parallel to the frame, a narrow ventilation gap opens up around the entirety of the panel where it meets the frame. The door can also be tilted to create a large opening that provides particularly effective ventilation.

Finally, when fully open, the panels are pushed to one side to save space, allowing immediate ventilation and permitting free access between your veranda and your home.

Tilt and slide patio doors thus combine all the advantages of sliding doors and windows with an additional tilting mechanism. They also come with a unique advantage of their very own, namely the ability to provide passive ventilation when in the parallel position.

Thanks to the combination of their high-quality mechanisms and their frames made of alu and uPVC, these doors are in no way inferior to other types of doors when it comes to security, despite all the tilting and sliding possibilities they provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you opt for uPVC-alu, you will benefit from excellent thermal insulation, high weather resistance and low levels of maintenance. This makes it a worthwhile investment, especially since you can control the price yourself in our configurator. The dimensions, the number of panels, the colour scheme, the glazing – all of these aspects have an influence on the price, but we let you adjust them to suit your individual needs. As a result, you can get a tilt and slide patio door made of uPVC-aluminium from just €1,607.

Using uPVC and aluminium in the same product gives you the combined advantages of two modern materials at once. The robust aluminium shell protects your tilt and slide patio doors from weather-related damage while offering a greater level of stability. It also contributes to an improved degree of break-in protection. Moreover, the internal uPVC multi-chamber construction means you will also enjoy outstanding thermal insulation you can rely on. In addition, both materials are extremely easy to care for and will last a long time as a result.

Tilt and slide patio doors made of uPVC-aluminium give you a great deal of creative freedom – even when it comes to the choice of colour. For example, we give you the opportunity to choose different colours for your product's interior and exterior faces. This means your patio door will fit perfectly with your facade while also blending seamlessly into the ambience inside your home. The configurator features a wide variety of colours to choose from for the aluminium outer shell, including matt, metallic and finely textured tones.

You can probably already tell what makes tilt and slide patio doors special from their name. That is because, unlike lift and slide doors that can only be moved in a sideways direction, tilt and slide patio doors can also be tilted. This lets you provide optimal ventilation for your living space without having to open the door fully every time. Moreover, parallel slide & tilt doors often fit better into existing buildings, making them the ideal choice for renovation projects.

If you would like to order some tilt and slide patio doors, please give us the specific dimensions you need to fit your requirements. The size you need depends on two factors: the size of the existing wall opening and the number of panels you require. Tilt and slide patio doors are available with a choice of two, three or four panels, making very large opening widths possible. The minimum and maximum dimensions for each variant are specified in the configurator.

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You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about uPVC-alu tilt and slide patio doors here.

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Order uPVC-alu tilt and slide patio doors online at low prices

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