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Wooden front door profiles

Our profiles for wooden doors are arranged in a sandwich construction and have integrated steel reinforcing to guarantee an extremely stable and secure front door. The integrated thermal insulation core eliminates temperature differences and provides the best heat insulation. Our wooden front doors are available in two thicknesses of profile.

Basic 70

Our Basic 70 profile has a door thickness of 70 mm and double glazing as standard features but still manages to deliver very good thermal insulation values. If required, triple glazing can be combined to this profile to achieve even better heat insulation.

Premium 80

The Premium 80 profile comes with a 80 mm door thickness offering excellent heat insulation. Triple glazing is offered as standard with this profile.

Leaf concealment as standard

By adding a door panel leaf the front door appears larger and scores points due to the wonderful, large surface without any offset. Our wooden front doors offer that exclusive look with leaf concealment as standard – no hidden extra cost.

Sealing guaranteed

  • Thermally separated threshold door sill
  • All-round age-resistant silicone sealing
  • Glazing beads and mitre - invisible joins

Thermally separated door sill

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