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Security and wooden front doors

Additional security features for wooden front doors.

Integrated safety catch

The safety catch presents an additional locking point on the lock side of the door. On opening the door this slides against the safety catch. In this position it is still possibe to talk with someone standing outside through the gap as the door is ajar. The locking system is completely protected and is released from outside by using the key and inside via the door knob.

Strip catch with bolt

The strip catch complete with extra bolt offers added safety against prising open thereby increasing the security of the front door.

Laminated safety glass

Our 70 mm wooden front doors are all fitted with double-glazed thermal insulation glass as standard and our 80 mm models come with triple insulation glass as standard.

Increased protection against attempted break-in can be provided by using additional laminated safety glass on the outside.

Laminated safety glass is a combination of two float glas panes, which are stuck together using a foil. This means that by using the foil layer laminated safety glass will not break into small pieces. Breaking the glass by hitting it is considerably more difficult with laminated safety glass.

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