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Exterior and interior handles for wooden front doors

    There is hardly a detail in a front door that is as important as the handle - or the handles, because they are on both sides of the door: at windows24.com you can choose different exterior and interior handles for your wooden front door. The models all make an impression with their fine, slender appearance, the high-quality stainless steel from which they are made, a modern design that emphasisesthe rusticity and naturalness of the wooden doors, as well as their stability and high level of ease of use. Attached you will find a preview of the range that you can choose from in the configurator.

    Exterior handles and recessed handles

    Exterior handles for wood front doors




    Design recessed grip

    Pull handles cannot be chosen for two of our aluminium front door models as these models have individually designed recessed handles. The clear design of the recessed handle 9613 makes an impression in both the illuminated and non-illuminated versions and has already received a design award.

    The look of the Southampton and Oxford models is kept deliberately simple, allowing the focus to rest on the recessed 9613 handle. This elegant recessed handle is characterised by its unobtrusive yet innovative design. Made of high-quality stainless steel, opening variants such as a fingerprint scanner are also possible here. The recessed handle is also available in an illuminated version, which not only looks very elegant, but is also extremely practical at night.

    Interior handles

    Selection of interior handles

    Stainless steel interior handles give your door a beautiful look and are pleasant and luxurious to the touch.




    Matching accessories

    High-quality front door handles with a wide range of accessories

    Here at windows24.com, we have just the right door handle to suit every taste. A range of different materials and a wide variety of design solutions can make even this seemingly mundane architectural feature a true visual highlight of the entrance to your home. An extensive selection of accessories – like water drainage and ambient floor lighting that are designed to match your handle and front door – completes the overall range.

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