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The front door handle - a functional design object

A front door handle completes the design and thus plays an essential role in the design. As door handles are in frequent use, the durability of the handle is also important: front door handles must neither break nor wear out easily, even after prolonged use. In addition, handles that are attached to the exterior also have to be able to withstand wind and weather. windows24.com offers a wide range for all requirements, from stylish front door handles made of stainless steel, to robust models made of aluminium.

Exterior handles for uPVC front doors

Interior handle for uPVC front doors

Exterior handles for wood front doors




Design recessed grip

Interior handle for wood front doors




Exterior handles for aluminium front doors




Design recessed grips

Interior handle for front doors made of aluminium




The variety of materials and shapes for front door handles

Front door handles are available in a variety of different materials. Aluminium and stainless steel are particularly popular materials, as both materials are both weather-resistant and extremely easy to care for.

Alu is not only comparatively cheap, but can also be purchased in different colours and designs. The material adapts perfectly to fit every design.

A front door handle made of stainless steel is a little more expensive, but it also gives the front door a special elegance. Stainless steel handles are available with a matt, shiny or brushed finish. In addition, you can choose from two basic shapes for the front door handle:

  • Bar handle (round, square, classic)
  • U-handle
  • Recessed grip

Levers with the well-known U-handle are the classic form of door handle. These are found on the interior doors of most homes and the interior of many front doors. They are practical and easy to grab. Doorknobs are mainly used on the exterior of the front door. Doorknobs are a good choice, especially when you don't have a free hand to operate a door handle when carrying shopping bags etc. A normal handle is usually attached to the interior so that the door can be opened as usual.

Pull handles are particularly interesting on the outside of private buildings or on entrances to public buildings such as shops or doctor's surgeries, as they not only leave a professional impression, but can also withstand heavy use with high visitor frequency.

From a certain length, models with a centre support should be used. Often either two handles are combined or a handle-button or handle and push handle combination is used.

The front door handle with long back plates or protective rosettes

A front door handle with a long backplate is a model in which the door handle socket and the protection of the lock profile cylinder consist of a single component.

The advantage of this design is that potential burglars have a smaller space to drill out the profile cylinder on the front door.

A front door handle on which the handle socket and the protective rosettes around the cylinder are separated from one another also offers good break-in protection, and at the same time is more variable in design than a long backplate construction, since the shape of the protective rosettes can be individually configured.

Rosettes are square, rounded or round, in a modern or classic design and turn your front door into a visual highlight.

Set or half set

When carrying out a refurbishment, or completely renewing the front door, a set of handles for the interior and exterior is available. This includes a front door handle in the desired combination and in a coordinated design. windows24.com offers sets consisting of two handles, as well as handle-button or push-handle combinations. If only one side of the door is to be equipped with a new front door handle, we would advise that you purchase half a set.

When installing a pull handle, make sure that there is a stable substructure to absorb the force when pulling, otherwise the front door handle will quickly become loose and the door may even be damaged. If the door handle has a rosette, this must be the same shape on the interior and exterior. The combination of rectangular rosettes with round rosettes is not possible for technical reasons.

High-quality front door handles with a wide range of accessories

Here at windows24.com, we have just the right door handle to suit every taste. A range of different materials and a wide variety of design solutions can make even this seemingly mundane architectural feature a true visual highlight of the entrance to your home. Practical accessories such as our stainless steel scratch guard complete the range.

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