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Choosing the right front door hinge

A front door can have different opening directions. This so-called impact direction or direction of impact is already determined during the construction phase of a building and recorded in the floor plan. The front door can be opened outwards or inwards, and to the right or left. The types of fittings on a door are also determined by the opening direction. The doors available on windows24.com can be supplied with any desired opening direction in order to get the maximum amount of space out of a narrow hallway.

Front doors hinged on the left or right

The side of the front door on which the hinges – i.e. the movable connection between the door leaf and frame – are attached is referred to as the hinge side.

To determine which hinge a door has, stand on the side where the hinges can be seen when it is closed.

If these are on the left-hand side in the plan view, then the door is hinged on the left; if they are on the right-hand side, the door is hinged on the right.

The choice of a front door hinge is already made during the planning phase for the construction and depends, among other things, on the likely routes of the residents and any furniture in the hallway.

Doors with different openings are usually found in every apartment in order to make the best possible use of the available space.

Hinge compliant with the standard

In order to ensure that manufacturers, distributors and buyers of doors can communicate with each other without errors and that there are no problems during installation, the front doors must be precisely identified according to the direction in which they open. The need for the designation includes the alignment of:

  • Door leaf
  • Hinges
  • Door frames

The directional designations are clearly regulated in Germany by the DIN standard 107.
For this reason, the terms "DIN left" and "DIN right" can be found in the specifications for each front door model in order to avoid incorrect orders.

Front door open When buying front doors – but this also applies to interior doors – you should definitely pay attention to the corresponding designation to ensure that door leaves, frames and hinges really do fit together and are installed so that they open in the same direction. Especially in the case of custom-made products with special dimensions, a mistake can quickly become expensive.

In the same standard, the doors are also differentiated according to left-sash and right-sash, and the directional marking is extended to door fittings and frames.

Different opening direction, same functionality

All front doors can be supplied with the hinge you require, regardless of the material they are made from. The available accessories can also be integrated regardless of the hinge direction. Before purchasing a new entrance door, it is important to determine the direction in which it is planned to open and to compare the desired door hinge with the product details when selecting the model.

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