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Front doors with glass panels

A front door featuring a glazed window panel or multiple inserts is a highlight for any house regardless of architectural style. External doors with interestingly shaped glazed elements can be chosen, for example, to fit a contemporary style while timber softwood designs with square glazed inserts of different sizes create a more traditional look. Whatever you decide, your bespoke door’s material, colour and high-security external features can be easily determined in our comprehensive configurator.

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Further features for front doors with glass panels

Information und Instructions: Finding and installing your front door

Have you configured, ordered, and received your bespoke front door? Great! Now comes the next stage- installation. Along with selecting the correct measurements and elements for your door, this is a decisive step for long-term and reliable performance. It is therefore often assumed that a professional team must be hired. This doesn't have to be the case, however; budding DIYers can click below to access our expert videos with step-by-step instructions and be guided through installation with ease.

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Further front door information

At windows24.com you will find valuable information on every aspect of front doors featuring a glazed window panel or multiple inserts. A great glass front door design is truly a sum of its parts and while some homeowners focus on external security, others are more concerned with style, ease of care or door durability. With multiple purchase options and favourable prices, our  external door designs can be modified, both in terms of their functional properties and visual appearance, to become bespoke, contemporary products meeting unique personal needs.

Front door material

Given the large extent to which the base material defines the properties of an external door, at windows24.com there are three options to choose from for a front or double door with glass panel inserts:

  • uPVC
  • Wood
  • Aluminium

upvc front doors consist of a multi-chamber profile which ensures great thermal insulation with low u-values. Yet this is not all. The base's solid core is also characterised by its affordable price tag, low maintenance  and weather resistant durability. A little water and soap are all that is needed for cleaning, which does away with the effort of regular oiling needed for a more traditional timber front door.

Although regular care is necessary for hardwood external doors, wooden models certainly reward with their rustic charm and unique woodgrain patterns. Classic, wooden front doors paired with a glass panel create a beautiful combination which can blend in harmoniously with a wide variety of architectures and landscapes. The natural material creates a peaceful, inviting ambience while also performing in terms of functionality, given its structurally inherent sound insulation properties.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is our premium composite material, standing for toughened robustness and a modern sleekness. The light metal and wide range of available decors, such as hardwood, mean these doors are extremely resistant to force and weather conditions, protecting against break-ins and making them valuable long-term investments despite the higher price tag. For composite aluminium and upvc, just as with our unglazed models, the door colour can also be selected.

Glazing Options

At windows24.com you are not just given a say in decisions on your door’s material. The standard insulating double glazing that our glass inserts or a transom toplight feature, mean that you can focus on freely determining their opacity and specific add-ons. This tailors your door and its functional  properties to perfectly suit your priorities, whether these are privacy or break-in protection. Depending on the model, you can select and combine, for example, from the following:

  • Clear glass
  • Ornamental obscure glass
  • Double or triple glazing (number of panes)
  • Laminated safety glass layer add-on


Clear glass

Clear glazed elements are the classic selection for a double glazed door.  Affordable yet durable, their sheer transparency allows sunlight to fully illuminate entrance areas behind any panel, saving on electricity costs for artificial lighting and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Ornamental variants

If your entry door, however, opens into frequently used living rooms that you would rather shield from curious onlookers, then ornamental etched glass panel windows could be a better option. At windows24.com ornamental decorative glass, for example, comes in different variants which  uniquely alter your insert’s opacity. Master-Carré glazing, for example, provides a decorative yet blurred teaser of what lies behind whereas Satinato or Chinchilla stained frosted glass give a higher degree of discretion.

Increased insulation or security: glass pane add-ons

Along with selecting the opacity of your glass door panel, you may also wish to increase its thermal insulation properties. In more extreme climates or for those wishing to cut energy consumption and costs, adding an additional glass pane to your insert to create low-E triple glazing is an effective option, for example. At windows24.com you can really take the reins when determining the exact features of your bespoke glazed door. If safety is rather your priority, a pane of laminated safety glass could be added to your insert instead, for example. This technically advanced pane consists of a highly tear-resistant film which is hard for burglars to get through, even in the event of glass breakage, because smashed glass is held in place on the intact film.

Installation locations

Front doors with side panels, a fanlight or glass panel windows of different sizes are functional building elements which can alter your home. They are ideal when installed to open into darker hallways which still require a level of privacy, for example, as these spaces are then transformed into bright yet secluded entrances. Available in practical uPVC, weather resistant aluminium or natural hardwood, front doors with a glazed panel window or multiple inserts can stand the test of time as both side and front entrances, while additional security features make for worry-free living.

Front doors with glass panel windows or a sidelight can ultimately blend in beautifully with many different external architectural and interiors, from rustic to minimalist and elegant.

Head to the configurator to check out our wide range of door styles, RAL colours plus glass designs and customise to your heart’s content to find your perfect harmony.

Frequently asked questions

The price of our external doors varies, depending on several factors such as the base material chosen, the type of glazing and additional external security features. Our cheapest glass door, the white uPVC full glass model, comes in at €769. If you wish to then modify this coloured product by changing the decor or adding a pane of laminated safety glazing, for example, our clear online product configurator then gives synchronous cost updates after each modification.

To strengthen the break-in resistance of your new front door and its inserts, various options are available. Expert advice is provided regarding high impact laminated safety glazing, multi-point locking systems or side hinge external security, for example, which can be easily selected and built into your final product.

An entrance door with a glass panel window can be made from three materials: uPVC, wood, or aluminium. Where upvc doors are characterised by their affordable price and low maintenance, hardwood doors look particularly natural and charming. Aluminium external doors, on the other hand, boast a durable robustness and unrivalled modern sleekness.

In the windows24.com configurator, depending on the exterior door model selected, you can determine the opacity and therefore the privacy provided, such as whether clear or ornamental glass should be used with a hardwood door. Extra panes for specific properties, like external security or insulation, can then be added, such as one made from laminated safety glass, allowing you to find the perfect solution for any entrance’s requirements.

Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning glass doors with panels.

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Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your bespoke product exactly as you wish.

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