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Information about the Installation of a Roller Shutter

Certain preparations have to be made before a new roller shutter can be installed.

The measurements of the old component or the reveal in a new building have to be determined precisely.

This is the only way to avoid unpleasant surprises. You have to select an appropriate model for your personal requirements.

These instructions will give an overview on the available systems and links to the respective installation manuals.

List of materials

  • Clamping nipple
  • Roller shutter rails
  • Fastening screws
  • Cleaning agents

List of materials

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Cordless drill
  • Metre measure
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Cutter

1. Introduction

There are several reasons why people opt for the installation of a roller shutter. A rolled down roller shutter curtain does not only protect from prying eyes, it is also perfect for temperature regulation during the different seasons. The entire construction component-box, curtain and guides – furthermore, they improve energy efficiency. But it is very important to install the roller shutter accurately. This is the only way to ensure perfect insulation.

A roller shutter keeps the warm air inside your home. Deciding to install such a system can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 20%.

The installation of a roller shutter will also improve noise protection, as well as burglary protection in the lower floors. An aluminium shutter is also more stable and durable, in comparison to wooden or uPVC ones.

2. Operation Types

Modern models can be equipped with different operating elements. You can decide whether to install a manual or an automatic operating mechanism. The installation of these systems can be performed afterwards as well, but is usually more economical to install the appropriate model directly with the respective window components.

a) Manual Operation

  • Manual cord winders are controlled by a mechanical pull-mechanism. It can be opened and closed manually.
  • Shutter models with crank winders ware also opened and closed manually. But the cord is guided through a special system in the roller shutter box and a rotary movement lowers the blinds.

b) Automatic Operation

  • Automatic shutters are opened and closed by a tube motor, which is controlled with buttons.
  • These systems normally have an electronic limit switch. The tube motor stops automatically after the closing and opening process is completed. This feature can furthermore protect the window and shutter system from damage.
  • An integrated obstacle detection protection can also be found frequently. The system recognizes obstacles between the guides and automatically stops the opening or closing process.
  • Depending on then respective model, it is also possible to install a wireless control unit. The roller shutter can then be easily operated with a remote control.

3. Different Installation Types

Other than the different operating types, you can also choose between several installation types. Roller shutters are usually distinguished between built-in and front-mounted systems.

a) Built-in Roller Shutters

These models are installed above the windows before the actual installation.

  • The box of the shutter is not visible after the full installation in the masonry.
  • Built-in models are available in various sizes. They can therefore be installed above windows and many types of doors (e.g. patio doors).
  • They are especially suitable for the installation in new buildings. It is also possible to install these models in the course of the renovation of windows.
  • As these components are integrated into the masonry, they show very good thermal insulation and burglary protection properties.

Anyone deciding to install a built-in model does not need professional help. Laymen can perform the installation as well. These detailed instructionsshow all necessary steps.

b) Built-on Roller Shutters

These systems are attached outside to an already installed window.

  • They are perfectly suitable for installation during renovations at a later date.
  • The shutter box is visibly attached to the masonry and can therefore be used as an aesthetical element for the house facade.
  • The various sizes also allow for installation above patio doors.
  • While this type is particularly suited for renovation work in old buildings, there is no reason not to mount it on a new building either.

Front-mounted models can be easily installed without professional help. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can use this tep-by-step video manual to learn more about the procedure.

The windows24.com online shop offers a large variety of shutters in many different sizes. You can choose between manual or automatic models which can also improve thermal insulation as well as sound and burglary protection in your house.

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