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uPVC roller shutters

Short for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, uPVC is a modern material used effectively across our product ranges from windows to large patio doors, and roller shutters are no exception. With its naturally low conductivity and sleek surfaces, good thermal performance and low maintenance can be relied upon. A wide range of different colour and wood replica coatings can also be added, and many further customisable options are available – just read on or head to the configurator to discover more today.

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What are uPVC roller shutters?

For customers who haven’t heard of the products, roller shutters are popular alternatives to conventional curtains and blinds. Commonly found in Germany and other European countries, they feature a box which contains a “curtain” that descends across the exterior of windows or patio doors. Guide rails lining the frames support smooth operation and a variety of manual and automatic opening mechanisms are available.

Roller shutters are particularly good at providing effective sun and heat protection as well as ensuring privacy, and darkening rooms for peaceful sleep. They can be closed fully or lowered to the required extent to guarantee the ideal visibility and entry of light. At windows24.com there are two main types of roller shutters – top and front-mounted. The key difference comes down to installation:

Where front-mounted shutters are commonly mounted onto masonry above the window and can be used for retrofitting, top-mounted models are generally hidden as they are installed on the window and at the same time as it, inside the building façade.

Depending on their size, both top and front-mounted roller shutters from windows24.com can feature curtains and guide rails made from uPVC or aluminium.

For large smart slide and lift-and-slide patio door roller shutters only aluminium is available, however, due to the extra strength required. In terms of the roller shutter box, our top-mounted basic shutter can feature a box where key elements, such as the exterior panel and interior plaster base plate, are made from uPVC.

Depending on the model and dimensions, it is also possible to “mix and match”, configuring a roller shutter with a uPVC curtain but an aluminium box and guide rails, for example.

The key advantages

  • The most affordable roller shutter material

  • Low-maintenance and durable

  • Offers lightweight and effective protection

  • Naturally insulating

Opting for a roller shutter with elements made from uPVC means that the final product will be more affordable than one configured with aluminium.

Although uPVC cannot be used for large patio door shutters and is less impact-resistant than strong aluminium, quality performance is still guaranteed.

Given its expertly engineered structure and surfaces, uPVC is relatively durable, weather-resistant, and very low-maintenance, for example.


The material is also lightweight, which means it can almost always be combined with one of our more affordable manual shutter opening options, such as the belt or crank mechanism. The electric or solar motor and smart home integrated systems are still available too though for those after increased ease of use and enhanced security.

Although uPVC is lighter than aluminium, our ALULUX roller shutters still provide effective protection.

Our supplier's high-quality manufacturing ensures that uPVC shutters have the premium thickness required to darken rooms, bring necessary privacy, and provide sun protection.

Although closed uPVC shutters reinforce windows with an extra layer and offer sufficient impact resistance, the material is still not as strong as aluminium with its superior break-in protection.

A final key feature and advantage of uPVC is that it is a material with a naturally low conductivity. Unlike aluminium which is filled with foam to achieve its superior thermal performance, uPVC roller shutters offer an ideal budget solution for excellent yet simple energy efficiency and savings on utility bills.

Durable colour finishes and further customisable options

At windows24.com roller shutters with uPVC curtains, guide rails, and box elements can be easily customised to become bespoke final products. The surface is ideal for quality RAL colours to be applied onto it via an expert extrusion process, for example. This procedure creates a durable vibrant finish, and many options are available from classic white and grey to special metallic tones or wood replica foils.

Depending on the model and size there is also the possibility to choose different colours for the various shutter parts.

The guide rails and curtain can be configured so that they match or contrast, for example.

Beyond choosing the colours, a range of other customisable options are available in the configurator.

Customers can select whether the roller shutter box will contain a single curtain, or rather two separately operable ones, for example.

A strong integrated fly screen can also be added, and for those selecting an electric motor, a range of control and switch options are available – just head to the configurator today to discover more.

uPVC vs aluminium roller shutters – a summary of the key differences

Topic uPVC Aluminium
Versatility Can be used for roller shutter curtains, guide rails and box, depending on the model Widely used for roller shutter curtains, guide rails and boxes of all types
Price Particularly affordable More expensive
Thermal performance Naturally insulating Slats are filled with foam insulation
Key properties Low-conductivity and easy maintenance Low-maintenance, higher durability and impact resistance
Dimension possibilities Available for curtains up to 3m wide Available for curtains up to 6m wide

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