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Aluminium roller shutters

First discovered in the 19th century, aluminium is a strong metal used across in many industries. In terms of construction, it is a particularly suitable material for roller shutters given that it won’t rust and is very sturdy and durable. Beyond their impressive functional performance, our aluminium roller shutters also provide much scope for bespoke customisation and design – to view the options and colour finishes just head to the configurator today.

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Durable and strong aluminium roller shutters

Particularly popular in Germany and other European countries, roller shutters are a common alternative to conventional curtains and blinds. They feature a hidden or visible box which contains a “curtain” that descends over the exteriors of windows or patio doors. Guide rails lining both sides of the window or door frame then support the opening and closing to ensure smooth operation. The shutters are ideal for darkening rooms for peaceful sleep, keeping interiors cool with effective sun protection, and for providing privacy.

A key point to mention is that regardless of their material, at windows24.com there are two types of roller shutters, top and front-mounted.

The main difference is that top-mounted shutters are installed on the window and at the same time as it, inside the building façade. They are therefore suitable for new windows and feature a box which is commonly hidden and plastered over so that it is flush with masonry.

Front-mounted roller shutters, on the other hand, feature a box which is commonly mounted on the building exterior above the window. Front-mounted shutters are suitable for new windows and retrofitting.

At windows24.com roller shutter curtains, boxes, and guide rails can come in aluminium or uPVC.

Choices can be easily selected in the configurator and the exact options available depend on the shutter model and the product it will cover.

Because flush-mounted square and round boxes are made by pressing metal under high pressure, they are only available in aluminium, for example. Due to the extra strength required, large lift and slide patio door shutters are also only available in aluminium.

The key advantages of aluminium roller shutters

Whether made from uPVC or aluminium, ALULUX roller shutters from windows24.com are high-quality tried and tested products. Aluminium shutter slats contain insulation, for example, and the products comply with the European quality standard EN 13659, which guarantees operational safety and protection against property damage and personal injury. Opting to purchase the shutter in aluminium then provides the following further advantages:

Excellent impact-resistance and security

Compared to uPVC, aluminium is a particularly strong and robust material. This makes it ideal for covering large glass patio doors or windows which may be more vulnerable to potential break-ins. The shutter adds an extra layer and is very impact resistant. Both uPVC and aluminium roller shutters can then also feature an electric motor opening mechanism that adds additional security.

High compatibility with a wide range of products

Unlike uPVC that can only be used for roller shutters that are less than 3m in width, those made from aluminium can be up to 6m wide. This makes aluminium a very versatile material that can be used for many products, from smaller window shutters to large smart slide and lift and slide patio doors.

Superb insulation can be relied upon

Along with the insulation built into their panels, aluminium roller shutters add soundproofing and bring a good thermal performance by adding a thick extra layer to windows and patio doors. When closed, the shutters add significant noise protection and can reduce energy loss by around 30% for example, which saves on utility bills.

Durable privacy and protection

Another key benefit of aluminium roller shutters is that the metal is very low-maintenance and weather-resistant. This means that the roller shutters offer an excellent price to performance ratio and won’t rust. A long service life of effective privacy and sun protection can therefore be relied upon.

Expert colour application for durable vibrance

At windows24.com products can be customised to become bespoke final pieces and roller shutters are no exception. Aluminium shutters are available in a particularly wide variety of colours, from classic whites to special metallic finishes, for example. The coatings are also very durable and applied in expert technical processes – quality assured RAL colours are powder coated onto curtains and boxes, for instance, and wood replica foils are applied via sublimation. This ensures that shutter surfaces are high-quality, weather-resistant and keep their vibrancy despite much potential exposure to UV rays.

Just head to the configurator today to browse through the options – depending on the model you can “mix and match” curtain and guide rail colours, for example. so that shutters perfectly contrast or blend in with building façades.

A wide range of further customisable features

At windows24.com, roller shutters can be configured in a variety of different ways as there are many additional features on offer. Integrated fly screens can be added to the shutter box, for example, to provide quality protection for interiors, for example. There is also the option to have not just one, but two separately operable curtains descending from a single shutter box.

As well as manual and electric opening mechanisms, solar motors and smart home integration options are also available –  just view our guide on how to measure for roller shutters, input your dimensions in the configurator and get designing today.

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