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Aluminium roller shutters

Light and robust: Aluminium roller shutters

The first roll-up blinds to protect against the eyes of overly curious neighbours were found in France in the 18th century — a lot has happened since then. Today, it is practically impossible to imagine our lives without roller shutters: They offer privacy protection, keep the heat in during winter and out during summer and, last but not least, ensure more security in your own home. Whether the roller shutter should be made of plastic or aluminium is often a question of principle among builders.


Slats made from uPVC or aluminium?

The fact is that both uPVC and aluminium have their own advantages. PVC is the cheaper option and is also very easy to care for, which simplifies the decision in many cases. However, you should be aware that a uPVC roller shutter is less resistant to attempted break-ins than an aluminium model due to its natural flexibility.

Additional safety measures are therefore recommended in any case. If you opt for PVC, make sure that it is of good quality. A made- to-measure aluminium roller shutter is of higher quality but also more expensive.

ALULUX knows how to impress with years of experience in producing high-quality aluminium profiles.

For this reason, you can rely on well thought-out systems and the highest quality. In the windows24.com roller shutter shop, you will find basic roller shutters and mounted roller shutters in the size you want and in all standard colours, so they are always suitable for your house. The roller shutter colours are applied using a coil coating or anodising process, which provides additional protection for the curtain surface. Incidentally, you should definitely opt for aluminium roller shutter curtains if you have very large window areas.

uPVC is only suitable for profiles with a maximum width of 3 m for roller shutters – beyond this, PVC simply lacks the necessary stability due to its flexibility. With an aluminium roller shutter curtain, you can, on the other hand, cover a size of up to 8 m² and consequently also equip large patio doors with roller shutters.

Aluminium roller shutters in their fitting position


Aluminium material – light, strong and rust-proof

Aluminium is one of the so-called light metals, but it does not occur in nature as a metal, but only in the form of chemical compounds.

Industrial mass production of the material began as early as the early 20th century. Today, aluminium is the second most important metal after steel. Aluminium is mainly used in lightweight construction, since the components are only about half as heavy as steel but have the same strength. To make roller shutters, the material is extruded or roll formed.

The slats of the roller shutter curtain are then filled with foam for better thermal insulation. This also increases the strength of the roller shutter curtain. But the most notable property of aluminium is its natural resistance to corrosion.

In freshly cut areas, it immediately reacts with air and water to form aluminium oxide, which then forms a fine, airtight and watertight layer that protects against corrosion and the associated rusting. This effect is further enhanced by applying special roller shutter paints .


Aluminium profiles from ALULUX

Regardless of which material you choose, it is always worth equipping windows with roller shutters — even retrospectively. The heat loss in a house is always highest through the windows, although they only take up a relatively small area of the facade.

Aluminium roller shutters

But that also means that if you take action here, it is not only more cost-effective than the costly insulation of the house facade, for example, but also more effective.

When closed, roller shutters can reduce energy loss by around 30 per cent, or even by up to 45 per cent in old windows.

The main advantage of aluminium roller shutters from ALULUX is the lightness offered by the material used. Despite its low weight, aluminium roller shutters are extremely robust and therefore durable. It does not expand when it is hot and is also torsion-proof.

In addition, our partner manufacturer ALULUX attaches great importance to the highest quality and precise processing. This is apparent from the fact that aluminium roller shutters are still easy to operate and, above all, quiet, even after many years of use.

All models of roller shutter from ALULUX comply with the European quality standard DIN EN 13659,

which guarantees operational safety and protection against property damage and personal injury.


Advantages of aluminium roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are superior to plastic models in many ways, which quickly makes up for the higher purchase costs.

Not only are they much more durable, they also withstand changing weather conditions without losing their high-quality appearance.

At the same time, aluminium profiles are easy to maintain and attract less dust because they do not have a static charge.

Aluminium profiles also win points thanks to the following properties:

Sun protection and a better energy footprint

In a very similar way, roller shutters protect your home from strong sunlight, because this can lead to the interior heating up and your furniture gradually fading. Here, too, you can leave individual slats open, depending on the position of the sun.

Furthermore, with aluminium, ensuring a pleasant room temperature does not depend on whether you choose white roller shutters ,brown roller shutters , beige or a dark colour. In winter, top and front-mounted roller shutters have the opposite effect:

When closed, they prevent the warmth from heating systems from radiating out through the window. This means that in the long term, you will reduce energy consumption and, accordingly, heating costs.

Aluminium roller shutters in detail

Variable privacy protection

The obvious benefit of roller shutters is that they stop those outside from being able to see inside. During the evening hours in particular, when you turn on the lights throughout the house, you feel less visible. Whether you close the shutter completely or leave some slats open is entirely up to you.

Optimum weather protection

In general, extreme weather such as hail, storms and snow damage your windows. Wooden frames in particular can quickly look old. Aluminium roller shutters counteract this and are themselves well protected against wear and tear. At ALULUX, all colours are applied using a special powder coating that permanently protects the surface.

Reliable break-in protection

However, aluminium roller shutters offer the greatest added value in terms of security: This is due to the robust quality and high stability of the material, which reliably defies attempts to force entry; see roller shutters break-in protection . If your top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutters are also operated using aroller shutter motor, the closure of them is particularly secure thanks to rigid shaft connectors.

Excellent noise protection

Aluminium roller shutter slats lined with PU foam have particularly good sound insulation and can reduce bothersome sounds from outside by up to 10 decibels. Even if you live on a busy street, you will experience peace and restful sleep.

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