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Front door with fingerprint

Enhance your front door security and add a modern touch with a fingerprint lock. Engineered with minute attention to detail, our fingerprint locks can remember multiple users and feature automatic locking. They can even be integrated into smart home systems or tailored to suit specific design preferences. Lighting can be added, for example, and customers can choose between different scanner placement options, from flush to discreetly grooved inside a bespoke handle.

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Enhanced security and ease of use – how it works

A fingerprint lock consists of a controller, which is invisibly integrated into the interior door frame as well as a scanner placed at a chosen location on the door’s exterior sash or handle. When the controller recognises a match from the permitted database with the fingerprint being scanned, a motor connected by cables will unlock the door. The user can then open the door using the handle and when they close it the motor will then automatically lock the door. With this innovative technology building entrances therefore become highly secure, featuring tailored technology, unique to permitted users who also benefit from peace of mind in terms of remembering to lock the door.

Another key point to add about our front door fingerprint locking mechanism is that the system usually comes with an e-opener day latch. This allows users to open the door via an intercom system at the touch of a button and to leave it open, or “on the latch”, if they wish which can be ideal for carrying in multiple items or parties when frequent entry and exit may be needed.

Engineered break-in protection

The Securo fingerprint locks we offer are high-quality products that have been manufactured and designed with superior security in mind. The reason that the controller is integrated into the door frame is to keep it safely tucked away and because, if installed externally, it could be easily tampered with, for example.

In terms of the scanner, 150 registered fingerprints can be saved (including multiple of your own) and any tampering attempts are also kept to an absolute minimum – injured fingers will still work, for example, but fingerprints left on tape or imprinted into substances, will not.

Permitted time periods for entry can also be assigned to certain registered fingerprints. This means users can limit and regulate guest access.

Bespoke design options and add-on features

Our high-quality, fingerprint system doesn’t just provide uniqueness in terms of locking, there are also many design choices that can be bespoke tailored to suit. The customer can decide where the scanner should be placed on the door’s exterior – flush on the sash, with or without extra scratch protection, or integrated into the handle, for example.

This contributes to the door’s overall design as well as child safety and means that the lock can be designed to suit individual requirements and preferences.

The design of the handle itself can also be set, whether round, classic or square, panel or pull, patterned, with lighting or a dark anthracite compared to stainless steel.

In addition to necessary choices, such as handle type and the external placement of the front door’s fingerprint scanner, at windows24.com a wide variety of add-on options are also available.

Ambient floor lighting can be selected for a fingerprint locked front door, for example, or perhaps you would be interested in our digital peephole which offers full view of those outside asking to be let in.

Installation, power cuts, and connecting to smart systems

Fingerprint locks from windows24.com are best purchased together with one of our new front doors. The door will then be delivered with the controller and scanner attached. Because some front door configurations with a fingerprint lock require an 100-240 V of electricity in the door reveal, a transformer of the correct voltage will be included with the order. An electrician will then need to connect the door to the power supply.

Because of costs and complications, we do not recommend using our fingerprint locks for retrofit projects where one of our new doors has not also being purchased. Feel free to get in touch, however, as given specific situations and logistics, we may be able to work with our suppliers to find a solution for this.

In terms of power cuts, all our front doors which feature a fingerprint lock still come with a traditional cylinder which can be locked and opened with a key. This adds a fail-safe back-up, meaning buildings can always be entered and exited.

A final innovative feature of our front door fingerprint locks is that they can be connected to apps and smart home systems.

The mechanism comes with an app, where restricted access can be scheduled for permitted guests, for example.

To connect the device to a smart home, an electrician can then easily create a pass-by or command to your network or smart device so that an impulse from the system will trigger the motor to lock or unlock the door.

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