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Front door with top light

Increasingly popular for modern entrances, fronts doors with a quality top light panel provide excellent soundproofing, break-in protection, and thermal insulation while playing an equally important role in creating welcoming and light filled spaces. With a range of glazing options from clear to ornamental Chinchilla and Master-Carré®, customer privacy preferences and preferred styles can be well matched.

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Front door components and their impact

The quality of a front door, regardless of whether it features an additional top light or not, depends on the materials used. Generally, higher quality materials lead to a better performing and more aesthetically pleasing final product. For this reason, the following components should be chosen with care:

  • The material, such as uPVC, aluminium, or wood
  • Glass panel additions such as a top light
  • Fittings
  • Handle type (steel or aluminium) and shape
  • The locking system

Because the different front door components offered at windows24.com are highly compatible with each other, customers can make bespoke mix and match selections and easily customise their final product to suit specific functional requirements or personal design preferences. Fittings, a fingerprint lock and laminated safety glazing could be selected, for example, while for those most focused on style, various wood decors could be chosen or ornamental door panels.

Bespoke design possibilities

At windows24.com, a wide range of different front door models and materials are available. From sleek aluminium to sturdy uPVC, traditional wood or innovative wood-alu combinations and various glass inserts, characterful and customised final products can be configured.

The final colour or decor finish of our front doors can also be selected at purchase. uPVC and aluminium doors provide the best base here as they offer the largest variety of options and can be most easily powder-coated or foiled to ensure durable vibrance. From classic whites which blend with façades to contrasting reds and mahogany, just head to the configurator to discover more today.

Alongside colour, glazing also plays an important role in terms of door appearance. From glazing bars to clear glass, opaque or ornamental patterned finishes, there are many surface options to choose from to achieve the required degree of character and privacy for your entrance.

Fittings and locks are further customisable front door elements. These play a more functional role. The number of locking points can be determined by the customer, for example, as can the exact opening type. From electronic buzz-in options to smart home connected technology, break-in protection can be tailored to suit.

Further advantages of a front door with a top light

With certain models and upon request, it's possible to have a top light which can be securely tilted ajar. This brings fresh air into entrance areas and helps to prevent mould. Furthermore, with the correct choice of glazing, entrance halls can be kept quiet and warm given the excellent soundproofing and thermal qualities of the door and its glazed additions.

Adding a top light panel above a front door ultimately contributes to an increased supply of natural light which brightens entrance halls, making them appear more spacious and welcoming.

Next steps

Before purchasing your new front door, we recommend browsing through the configurator and considering your priorities in terms of break-in protection, air supply, design, soundproofing, and thermal insulation. You should also measure the dimensions of the frame and consider the required installation depth (instructions – how to measure a front door). Once this is all sorted, just contact our team with any questions or head to the configurator to add your details and component choices – your made-to-measure customised door will just be a few clicks away.

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