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Front door with top light

A front door is always the first impression when visiting any home. It welcomes the visitor and relays the resident’s individual style. Front doors with transom lights are gaining more and more popularity, since they are known as an "all-in-one package". Such contemporary front doors are able to satisfy the most important demands from sound protection to heat insulation, visually enhancing the property at the same time. Transom lights offer natural hallway lighting paired with the necessary security while ornamented glass ensures privacy.

Which components does a front door consist of?

The quality of any construction component depends on the materials used. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the quality of the materials used, the higher the quality of the final product.

In order to find a visually and functionally suitable door, the following components should be chosen with care:

  • material: uPVC, aluminium or wood
  • glass inserts
  • fittings
  • doorknobs (according to the customers’ wishes e.g. brass)
  • locking system

Due to a high degree of compatibility between different elements, a front door may be designed individually. Almost any choice in terms of design or usability can be taken into account.

Modern locking systems – suck as fingerprint locks – offer high security standards and transom lights create a warmer and brighter indoor ambience.

The advantages of a front door with transom light

The added value of a transom light is the natural supply of sunlight into the entrance hall. If the transom light can also be tilted or opened, fresh air supply is possible, even with the entrance closed.

Regular airing not only ensures a good indoor climate, but also prevents moisture and mould from building up – without presenting unwanted guests with an open entryway into the house. Anyone with their minds set on transom lights should consider the following questions:

  1. What is the installation depth required by the front door?
  2. What are the dimensions of the frame?
  3. Has a steel reinforcement for additional burglary protection been considered?
  4. Which material offers optimal sound protection?
  5. Is sufficient thermal insulation guaranteed?
  6. Might it be necessary to broaden the entrance are for handicapped accessibility?

With the configurator available at windows24.com, every single component can be configured individually.

Design possibilities for unique doors

Depending on the type, the selection of possible materials – from glass to uPVC, from aluminium to wood or wood-aluminium composites – can be particularly extensive.

uPVC and aluminium surfaces in particular offer a good basis for realising ones personal visual style. Depending on the type, foils or powder coats may be applied to the door’s surface, allowing for colourisation in any colour.

In addition to the colour of the door, glazing provides an essential element of its visual design. Translucent, opaque or ornamented are all choices available to the homeowner.

Entrance doors with transom lights may be enhanced as desired with patterned glass or glazing bars. Finally, fittings are an important part of door design as well. Aside from visuals, usability is of great import here.

Front door with glass insert and transom light

In this manner, front doors may be individualised with special locks, fittings or a reinforced core for additional burglary protection, according to the customer’s wishes. Those who value energy efficiency or sound protection may also focus on these aspects by way of the material employed. Constructional requirements and individual ideas are realised with just a few mouse clicks.

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