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Front door lock

A secure front door lock is one of the most important elements in the house. At windows24.com, you can equip your aluminium entrance door with security technology for increased break-in protection. This includes protection against levering out as well as laminated safety glass, reliable door locks and particularly secure door panels. Our front doors impress with their high-quality locking technology and can be configured in different security levels.

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Locking systems

Locking systems for our front doors

Secure 3

  • 3-point locking with 2 solid swing bolts
  • high level of basic security thanks to durable technology
  • manual door opening with key

Secure 5

  • 5-point locking with 4 solid swing bolts
  • Increased security for the entrance area
  • manual locking and unlocking with key

Security 3+

  • 3-point locking with 2 solid swing bolts
  • 2 sealing elements for optimum contact pressure
  • Mechanical-automatic front door lock with magnet
  • Open from the outside with a key, and from the inside by pressing the door handle

Secure 3+ Guard

  • 3-point locking with 2 solid swing bolts
  • Dynamic contact pressure through 2 sealing elements
  • Additional protection through integrated gap protection
  • Mechanical-automatic front door lock with magnet
  • Unlock from the outside with a key, and from the inside using the door handle

Secure 3+ Automatic

  • 3-point locking with 2 solid swing bolts
  • 2 sealing elements improve the contact pressure
  • Mechanical-automatic multiple locking with magnet
  • Opening function using a modern electric motor
  • Unlocking via an electronic opening system

Secure 3+ ID

  • 3-point locking with 2 solid swing bolts
  • Fully motorised locking and unlocking of the front door
  • Unlocking via an electronic opening system
  • Ideal for a fingerprint scanner or code keypad
  • Can also be unlocked with a key in emergency situations

Possible properties of our front door locks

Motorised unlocking

In the case of door locks with an electric drive, the door is opened fully automatically, for example when the correct PIN is entered in the code button or when a stored fingerprint is recognised. The front door can then be opened with light pressure.

Automatic locking

All locking parts of the door are locked automatically. Usually, one of two systems is used: with mechanical front door locking, the locking hooks are activated by means of a magnet, and the door is opened mechanically via the door handle.

On the other hand, with electromotive automatic locking, the locking hooks are pulled back and forth via the integrated motor control. This makes it possible to use an intercom system with an electric opener.

Door gap protection

Gap protection offers additional access control and replaces the previously used chain on the door. So you can safely open your front door to see who is in front of it. You can also have a door viewer installed in your apartment door.

Security packages

Our security packages for break-in protection up to resistance class RC 3

In addition to various locking systems, you can also equip your new front door with one of our preconfigured security packages up to class RC 3. The advantage for you: all elements, from the profile cylinder to the glazing, are perfectly matched to each other and meet the highest quality and functional requirements.


  • Three point locking system
  • Above-average strength of the frame and sash profiles


  • Three point locking system
  • LSG 6 mm safety glass
  • K100 security cylinder
  • Standard anti-drill protection with hardened steel pins
  • Exterior safety rosette


  • Three point locking system
  • LSG P4A exterior laminated safety glass
  • Additional glass bonding
  • K100 security cylinder
  • Standard anti-drill protection with hardened steel pins
  • Exterior safety rosette


  • 5-point hook lock
  • Reinforcement in the door leaf
  • K100 security cylinder
  • Standard anti-drill protection with hardened steel pins
  • Exterior safety rosette
Properties of a secure door

What makes a secure door?

When choosing the right front door, it is not just the appearance that is decisive; properties such as thermal insulation and break-in protection are also important. With various measures, you can easily transform your standard model into a burglar-resistant entrance door that represents a real obstacle. It is best to decide on the appropriate equipment when you buy it, such as:

  • A door model with resistance class RC 2 or 3
  • Modern locking systems and locking technology
  • Laminated safety glass (LSG) for all glass elements
  • Security fittings and hinges

Installing an alarm system is also an option to increase security. This is a measure that pays off, especially in remote residential areas. In addition, it is usually possible to retrofit additional locks and other security technology at a later date.

You should also always keep a clear view of your front door. It is best to cut back bushes and other plants regularly so as not to offer perpetrators any visual protection. Good outdoor lighting helps to prevent burglars from taking advantage of the cover of darkness.

Front doors with a higher resistance class – what makes sense?

Just like windows, front doors are divided into six resistance classes according to the European test standard DIN EN 1627. These classes show how long the door can withstand certain types of criminals. This in turn can be achieved with appropriate security fittings in combination with different front door locks and glazing in accordance with DIN EN 356. Most burglars will give up if they are unsuccessful after three to five minutes. They prefer to look for an easier target, because otherwise the risk of being discovered increases.

The police recommend using front door locks with resistance classes 2 or 3 for windows and doors in private houses.

Locking systems and locking technology – so that the lock does not offer any potential for attack

A first important step is to protect the lock side of the front door. Modern locking systems today usually offer multiple locking systems. There is always a main lock and two to four swing bolts above and below it. Shaped like hooks, these latches engage perfectly with their matching counterparts on the door frame, closing the door firmly and securely.

The entire front door lock is operated with a single locking cylinder using a continuous striking plate. So-called mortise locks with burglar-resistant locking cylinders prevent the lock from being drilled open. When choosing the cylinder, we recommend making sure that it has a security card, without which keys cannot be duplicated.

Security hinges and fittings prevent the front door from being pried open

Just like the lock side, the hinge side of the entrance door must also be protected for secure front door locking. Hinges and fittings are a weak point that burglars often exploit: the door can then be easily prized open. You can prevent this by using special protective fittings.

To put it simply, door hinges are hinges that allow the door to open and close smoothly.

We differentiate here between top and roller hinges, but what the versions have in common is that they have a pin or bolt that enables the rotary movement. The upper part of the hinge is attached to the door leaf, the lower part of the hinge to the door frame, so that burglars have no point of attack when the door is closed.

The glazing as a potential weak point

Many front doors are now equipped with glass inserts or glazed side panels. The inlet of natural light gives the entrance area a welcoming and inviting look. In addition, energy can also be saved in this way compared to windowless corridors.

So that the glass elements do not represent a lack of security, you should use laminated safety glass or impact-resistant glazing, which offer a high level of security. Both use special tear-resistant foils between the individual panes: if they do break, the shards stick to these.


The choice of material also plays a role in front door security

In addition to aluminium, front doors are also made from wood and uPVC. However, the light metal aluminium has the advantage that it is extremely robust thanks to its high stability and offers excellent protection against break-ins.

Doors made from wood or uPVC can also be made more resistant to attempted break-ins thanks to a door panel with a security insert made from aluminium, thus significantly increasing the security of your home. With all materials, the front door lock and the security equipment are much more important.

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