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Eye-catching rounded design: the Los Angeles front door

Who ever said that the entrance always has to be strictly right-angled? The Los Angeles front door pleasantly stands out from the crowd with its gently curved cut-out. The design is very organic and therefore extremely modern. The glass insert also lets a lot of light into the entrance area; however, thanks to the motif it also offers reliable privacy protection. The subject of thermal insulation is also very important to us, which is why the glass inset is made of high-quality triple-pane thermal insulation glass as standard.

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Reliable technology for a more secure home

The front door is the business card to your house is something you hear again and again. Individuality is therefore the be-all and end-all when it comes to planning the look of your door. The first step in making your Los Angeles front door more personal is to choose the colour. For this we not only offer numerous ultrastructure and metallic colours, but also a number of decors and all RAL palette colours. It is entirely up to you whether the front door blends discreetly into the facade or stands out with a bold colour.

The use of an electronic unlocking mechanism is ideal for contemporary aluminium front doors such as the Los Angeles model. If you opt for a code lock, you will need a PIN to open the door, but a fingerprint is sufficient for a finger scanner.

What both variants have in common is that you no longer need a key and the door locks automatically as soon as you pull it behind you.

Regardless of this, you can rely on reliable break-in protection with your aluminium front door. This is in part due to its material: aluminium is characterised by its high stability. On the other hand, the Los Angeles front door already offers good basic security courtesy of its triple hook locking mechanism, which you can further improve with optional components. While on the subject, it is worth mentioning the option of equipping the glass inset with safety glazing.

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Data sheet

Front door aluminium model Los Angeles

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
Front door model Los AngelesClassic, elegant, modernModel Los AngelesAluminium front door from 80 cm from 195 cm
windows24.com available New RAL, IGP, Anodised, Ultrastructure, Designer finish, Wood finish from € 3,059
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