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Wood front doors with glass

Glazed timber front doors, whether made from hardwood like oak or a softwood, are the perfect solution to create a brightly lit yet cosy entrance. At the same time they also impress with excellent sound insulation and break-in resistance. These are truly versatile, custom-built models that can be easily integrated into any design, boasting high-quality material and excellent craftmanship in line with current standards.

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Our Wood Front Doors with Glass

Wooden front doors with glazed inserts or side panels beautifully combine charming appearance with functionality

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Fittings and further features

Information und Instructions: installing your front door

Have you configured, ordered, and received your bespoke front door? Great! Now comes the next stage- installation. Along with selecting the correct measurements and elements for your door, this is a decisive step for long-term and reliable performance. It is therefore often assumed that a professional team must be hired. This doesn't have to be the case, however; budding DIYers can click below to access our expert videos with step-by-step instructions and be guided through installation with ease.

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Further Information

If you want to buy a glazed timber front door, you should first consider the basics of its design: Do you want a front door made almost entirely of glass surrounded by a narrow hardwood oak frame or are you after a more closed hardwood door style which allows sunlight to selectively filter through? Some hardwood door models, for example, sit closer to our unglazed range and feature small glass panel windows, while others make a statement with their completely open transparency. In the online configurator of windows24.com you will find all avaliable wood entrance door models ready to view and select.

Benefits of wooden glazed doors

Hardwood like oak has been a staple door material in architecture for centuries and with good reason. The material boasts many different benefits such as long-lasting durability, especially when varnishing is applied from time to time to maintain weather resistant properties. Timber exterior doors also have many other inherent natural properties, making them an ideal fit for country cottages and city flats alike:

  • High resistance to damage and door break-in attempts
  • Thermal insulation for relatively low u-values
  • Woodgrain door frame patterns make for a bespoke door design
  • Easily combinable with sidelights and fanlights

Selecting wood door panels

Buildings can differ vastly in terms of their location and design. Some front doors, for example, have entrances that are hidden from street view and so are more vulnerable to a break-in attempts while others have pre-hung external doors leading directly into frequently used living rooms rather than hallways.

Homeowners of such properties should not shy away, however, from purchasing new doors with glazed inserts. With an additional pane of suitable security glazing, for example, or ornamental glass, both reliable door break-in protection and privacy can be guaranteed, even for full glass hardwood front doors.

To make glazed timber external doors more secure, a made-to-measure laminated safety, toughened safety or P4A pane can be selected in our comprehensive product configurator as an addition to your glazed panel or inserts. A toughened safety pane, for example, is manufactured with injury reduction in mind, ensuring that, in the event of a break-in due to high force, the panel is less likely to dramatically shatter out in sharp shards. Laminated safety glazing, on the other hand, consists of a tear-resistant film which, even upon glass breakage, remains intact and hard to break through without the correct tools or causing a disturbance. P4A is then purpose-made to be very resistant to impact.

If other factors such as privacy are of equally high priority, then different stained ornamental glazings can also be selected for your external door’s panel. Here again you are free to choose between different variants. Ornamental glazings, for example, come in differing degrees of opacity, altering the view for onlookers peering in while still creating bright interiors behind timber doors.

Countless design options for external doors

To ensure that your new external front door beautifully complements your home’s exterior, at windows24.com many visual aspects and details can be individualised, including but not limited to:

  • Type of soft or hardwood (oak etc.)
  • The colour from our wide range of RAL, textured or special tones
  • External door model with differently designed glazed elements
  • Frame shape, door dimensions and additional inserts like clear glass side panels

With such large scope to personalise, wooden external doors with glass can be custom created to fit every architectural style or interior design scheme.

If you live in an older or listed building, for example, a hardwood oak door with subtle inserts can meet requirements and fit the rustic ambience. A modern minimalist house, on the other hand, can benefit from a fully glazed external door. At windows24.com, even our most basic glazed hardwood models come equipped with a stylish external door handle as well as a practical internal lever design. Here too, different shapes and colours can be chosen to match the rest of your external wooden door or composite masonry.

Frequently asked questions

Due to the high-quality material and insert elements, a wooden glazed external door is more expensive than similar unglazed doors made from uPVC. At windows24.com our most basic glazed wooden door can be purchased from €3,460. Any modifications made in the configurator to this door model would then synchronously show their impact on the price upon being added.

Timber is a very impact resistant material. For external hardwood doors with full glass panels or for those that are more hidden from street view and pedestrians, however, adding a laminated safety pane can be a good extra measure. This has your external door meet maximum security standards and can only be broken through with specific tools or considerable effort, deterring burglars and reducing the probability of a break-in. Additional hinge security and a multi-point locking system can also be selected.

A general rule of thumb is that the smaller the insert, the better the glazed door’s insulation. Because glass inserts often only take up a small proportion of the door’s surface, thermal insulation is, however, only reduced by a minor degree. In general, wood is a relatively insulating door frame for fully glazed doors which can additionally feature triple glazing to improve u-values or open into exterior porches.

Whether a wood, uPVC, or aluminium composite door, all our high-quality models have pros and cons when compared. Wooden doors, for example, impress with their woodgrain design and natural insulation, while uPVC glazed doors require less maintenance. The choice is yours.

Still have questions?

In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about wooden glass doors.

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Another option is to schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation here. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive one-on-one, specialist advice from our experts enabling you to design your bespoke product exactly as you wish.

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