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Schüco AWS 90.SI+ Aluminium Window

The premium passive house system

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  • Modern, flush-fitted sleek design
  • 90 mm thick frame
  • Double or triple-glazed
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Benefits at a glance

  • 90 mm thick frame
  • Excellent thermal insulation: Uf-value = 1.1 W/(m2K)
  • Innovative and durable aluminium window profile
  • Excellently thermally insulated aluminium window system meeting passive house requirements
  • Passive house certified
  • Compatible with Schüco's "AvanTec SimplySmart Open Secure“ (additional break-in protection for tilt and turn windows – resistance class RC 2)
  • Large choice of RAL colours
  • Two processes for the surface finish: RAL colour powder coating, and anodising
  • Flush-fitted look from the interior and just as sleek from the exterior
  • Certified Schüco brand quality

Customers on windows24.com

Jack’s Point, Otago, New Zealand
Residential building
Jack’s PointOtago, New Zealand
uPVC-alu windows and doors for a passive house

“windows24.com brought windows and doors with amazing quality to our project. The products are well-built and with top certified for passive house values.”

Heathmont, Melbourne, Australia
Residential building
HeathmontMelbourne, Australia
Composite windows and doors for a passive house

“We spent more than a year searching for a window manufacturer with high product quality and maximum design flexibility. At windows24.com we found the perfect solution for us.”

Cornwallis, Oakland, New Zealand
Residential building
CornwallisOakland, New Zealand
uPVC windows and a sliding door for high wind zone

“Our architect recommended windows24.com to us. Their German-based window expert team was very helpful in finalizing details, organizing transport and training my onsite-builder.”

Private house Massachusetts
Residential building
Private houseMassachusetts, USA
uPVC windows

“windows24.com was great partner in constructing our hosue. With their help we reached highest quality in terms of design and isolation.”

Profile description

  • Glazing: Choose between double or triple glazing according to your needs
  • Glass seal: The glass seal ensures optimal protection against water infiltration
  • Sash appearance: The sash has a modern, sleek flush design
  • Glazing bead: Ensures the necessary contact pressure between seals and glass
  • Sealing levels: Good thermal and sound insulation due to two sealing levels
  • Profile chambers: Profiles are divided into several chambers for better insulation
  • Thermal insulation: A built-in technically complex core provides good insulation
  • Foam-filled insulating bars: Extended insulation zone acts as a thermal break in the frame

Schüco AWS 90.SI+ benefits in detail

Cut costs with aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are very practical because they are weatherproof, robust and low-maintenance. This durability means that repairs are only necessary in certain exceptional cases, which cuts costs in the long run.

With the Schüco "AvanTec SimplySmart Open Secure" system, aluminium windows from the manufacturer Schüco provide next level break-in protection, even when tilted open. To further increase burglary protection, Schüco aluminium windows can then also be reinforced with a pane of laminated safety glass (LSG), meaning you can air rooms at night without hesitation and sleep with peace of mind. Opening 175mm when tilted ajar, Schüco aluminium windows ensure good air circulation while still meeting a burglar resistance class of RC2 when tilted. When closed, this even increases to class RC 3. In addition, the Schüco 90.SI+ aluminium profile is extremely sturdy which further ensures burglars have great difficulty breaking in.

Thermal properties

Due to their special construction, modern window profiles like Schüco AWS 90.SI+ steer clear of potential issues related to aluminium’s high thermal conductivity. New aluminium windows are manufactured, for example, to feature several layers and a frame containing a thermal break along with an extended insulation zone with foam-filled thermal bars.

Due to this make-up, the Schüco AWS 90.SI+ aluminium window achieves an excellently low thermal insulation Uf-value, meaning very little heat is lost through the profile, saving on energy and costs. Measured in W/(m2K), U-values roughly define how many degrees of heat are lost per hour per square metre.

Schüco AWS 90.SI+

The Schüco AWS 90.SI+ aluminium window is equipped with an extended insulation zone with foam-filled thermal bars. Head to the configurator below to select your glazing, colour or add-ons and complete your bespoke window order today.

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
SchücoAWS 90.SI+Aluminium window from 50 cm from 50 cm
windows24.com available New White from € 258

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