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uPVC window colours

While white is sure to remain a timeless classic, windows today need no longer to be white by default. With modern vinyl windows, you can easily individualise the look of your custom windows in a few clicks. Just as you can specify the exact size, style and glazing, so too can you choose from a huge variety RAL colours. After making your selections, we forward them along with the exact specifications to manufacturing where they painted according to your wishes.

Decor Types for Vinyl Windows

Our special decorative foil range give a wood surface appearance to vinyl  windows. Decorative foils are used by profile manufacturers and applied directly onto the window profiles at the factory. Please note the IDEAL 4000 is available only in white, mahogany, Golden Oak and walnut.

White for your Windows

Vinyl profiles in white appear almost identical to the RAL color 9016. If external window sills, front mounted shutters or other aluminum parts be required for your window then we strongly recommend choosing the RAL-white number RAL 9016 in the product configurator. 

Standard decors

In the configurator, you can choose between the following standard decors:

special decors

In the configurator, you can also choose between the following special decorative finishes:

RAL Range

What is the RAL range?

The letters RAL stand for the Quality Mark and seal of the RAL Institute. The RAL name and seal of quality is recognized in Germany and worldwide as a symbol of superior quality products and services. It is obviously essential that these standards and regulations continue to develop and keep pace with technology and manufacturing processes. In order to create a universal reference, a standardized color table was developed and every color given a unique four digit number. One benefit of this is that color samples no longer need to be sent and compared before ordering.

It is therefore easy to specify the exact color desired and ensure that the color seen, selected and delivered is the correct one that the customer has ordered. However, it is important to keep in mind that colors can still vary slightly in appearance based on the type of material to which they are applied. For example, red often looks more intense when applied to vinyl as compared to when applied to a wood surface. Even the choice of wood can make a difference in this respect. For example, a paint applied to oak can appear slightly different to the same paint applied to pine or larch.

How is paint applied to a window?

Depending on the material,  there are three different ways to apply paint to a wood, aluminum or vinyl window:

  • Painting / varnishing
  • Powder coating
  • Decorative foil

Wood windows can be varnished. After pretreatment with a protective primer, the varnish is applied to the window giving it the desired look. The disadvantage compared to vinyl windows is that wood requires sanding and re-coating after a certain amount of time. This ensures the color is preserved as long as possible and helps maintain overall durability in terms of function and service life.

Windows manufactured from aluminum are painted using a powder-coating process. The paint attaches itself to the surface by having the opposite electrical charge as those of the aluminum. The coating protects the frame from weather and damage.
Aluminum clad wood products are finished using a combination of both of these two techniques. Vinyl windows are made in a different way. A special decorative colored foil is applied to the profile. This colored foil is weatherproof, protects from scratching and is extremely long-lasting.

Window Security

As well as the assortment of colors for vinyl windows, a variety of other accessories can be selected and configured to go with your windows. In addition to thermal insulation and soundproofing, security is an important factor to consider when customizing your windows. Whereas house doors can be made more secure by adding locks, the situation for windows is a bit different.

Here the use of strong and robust security hardware or the installation of safety glass may be advisable. Roller shutters also offer increased security for your window. These are perfect to increase privacy and thanks to the installation instructions included, they are simple to install and operate. Balcony and patio doors can also be equipped with these types of security feature simply and easily.

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