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aluplast IDEAL® 5000

Basic vinyl system with a rounded design

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  • Elegant 5 chamber profile system with RAL seal of approval
  • Guaranteed against yellowing with age
  • Central sealing system with 3 seals
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Ideal 5000

Advantages at a Glance

5 Chamber profile from aluplast in semi-recessed design

Additional burglar protection with security hardware

Uw-value = 1.3 W/m²K with standard glazing

Quality profile surfaces

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Over 200,000 happy customers and counting

Jack’s Point, Otago, New Zealand
Residential building
Jack’s PointOtago, New Zealand
uPVC-alu windows and doors for a passive house

“windows24.com brought windows and doors with amazing quality to our project. The products are well-built and certified for passive house values.”

Heathmont, Melbourne, Australia
Residential building
HeathmontMelbourne, Australia
Composite windows and doors for a passive house

“We spent more than a year searching for a window manufacturer with high product quality and maximum design flexibility. At windows24.com we found the perfect solution for us.”

Cornwallis, Auckland, New Zealand
Residential building
CornwallisAuckland, New Zealand
uPVC windows and a sliding door for high wind zone

“Our architect recommended windows24.com to us. Their German-based window expert team was very helpful in finalising details, organising transport and training my onsite-builder.”

Private house Massachusetts
Residential building
Private houseMassachusetts, USA
uPVC windows

“windows24.com was a great partner for constructing our house. With their help we reached highest quality in terms of design and isolation.”

Profile Description

  • Glazing: choose between double or triple glazing.

  • Glass seal: The glass seal provides protection against water penetration.

  • Sash design: The casement is made in modern surface-displaced design.

  • Glass strip: Provides the required contact pressure between the gaskets and glass.

  • Sealing levels: Three sealing levels provide great heat and noise insulation.

  • Steel reinforcement: Using steel reinforcement ensures long term stability.

  • Profile chambers: To achieve good insulation values, these profiles are divided into several chambers.

IDEAL 5000 System - Detailed Description

  • 70 mm installation depth and Uf-value = 1.2 W/m²K
  • Standard glazing Ug 1.1 W/m²K (k- value: 1.0)
  • Triple glazing up to Ug value 0.6 W/m²K
  • Frame with bolted steel reinforcements with 80 mm visible width
  • Rabbet seal system on 3 levels in papyrus white
  • Tilt and turn fittings with fail-safe device to prevent incorrect use
  • Basic security using 2 mushroom-headed safety cams and 2 strike plates
  • Glazing seals in gray or black
  • Pane thicknesses from 20 to 42 mm
  • White or decorative finish
  • Weatherproof vinyl thanks to modern additive technology
  • Weather-resistant using extruded seals per DIN18055
  • Up to 97% of the material is recyclable
  • Concealed drainage holes, thermal, security and soundproof glazing options

Ideal 5000 - The advantages in detail

5 chamber profile from aluplast in semi-recessed design

The additional central seal system means the Ideal 5000 achieves greater insulation than the Ideal 4000 profile. Steel reinforcement in the sash and frame means excellent stability and long term durability. Furthermore, the concealed fittings ensure burglary protection. This profile offers a great price-performance ratio and good insulation values. Using a combination of double glazing together with soundproof or safety glass is also possible. Using triple glazing will also further boost the insulation values of the Ideal 5000 system.

Additional burglar protection with Security Hardware

Winkhaus activPilot is an innovative tilt and turn system with stability, security and functionality that have made it a market leader. There are various security levels including Basic and BasisPlus up to RH2 rated fittings. The RAL seal of approval plus the fact that the products are made in Germany means that you get solid, reliable fittings of the highest quality. The special octagonal security locking pins guarantee excellent protection against potential break-in and are adjustable so the sealing pressure can easily and quickly be changed.

Standard Glazing with a Ug Value of 1.1 W/m²K

With energy efficiency and insulation becoming increasingly important, your choice of window glazing can have a big impact. You can configure your new windows with triple pane glazing for example with values of Ug 0.7 W/m²K or Ug 0.6 W/m²K. Triple glazing can also be combined with security glass and/or acoustic insulating glass. Windows24 gives you the flexibility to choose the exact type of glass and glazing that best fits your individual needs.

Surface quality

For vinyl windows, a wide variety of decorative foils is available. These are applied directly to the vinyl surface during manufacture, guaranteeing long term color durability. Windows with decor foil applied in this way are impervious to scratching as well as resistant to the fading over time from sunlight exposure. You have a choice of classic patterns such as wood, as well as a variety of modern finishes and other popular window colors.

Quality Made in Germany

All windows and doors made of vinyl (uPVC) are manufactured in Germany. We are members of the German Association of Window and Façade Manufactures. This ensures both high quality craftsmanship and manufacturing, and an affordable solution to your building project. Our customers receive the best possible quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Certified brand name quality from well-known manufacturers

The profiles for our vinyl windows are supplied by Aluplast, a well-known and respected manufacturer of window profiles located here in southern Germany. All vinyl profile systems carry the RAL seal of approval. For customers, that means the very best quality and regular external auditing and reviews of production. When purchasing windows and doors always look for the RAL seal of approval to be assured of high quality.

uPVC windows IDEAL 5000

The Ideal 5000 uPVC window from aluplast has a centre seal system with 3 seals and is extremely weather resistant.

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
aluplastIDEAL 5000uPVC windows from 51 cm from 51 cm
windows24.com available New White, Decor from € 37

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