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Windows for your summer house – good care is half the story

To enjoy the sunshine: with summer house windows from Windows24.com the summer house becomes your own green and natural idyll. A BBQ with the family or a pleasant evening with friends; a summer house can be a haven of tranquility or, frequently, the venue for enjoyable hours celebrating with the nearest and dearest. Thanks to individually designed windows the summer house receives a more personal note while still protecting against wind and weather. Individually arranged and designed according to one’s own ideas to produce a bright and airy room in which to feel good.

Summer house windows - considerations

In the realm of the garden the view from the small house into the countryside around is very important. The very assortment of summer house windows available is impressive; depending on your wishes and specific requirements, windows in various sizes from large format sliding windows down to the smallest of fixed windows can be chosen. To make the right choice of summer house window the particular position of the wall is a decisive factor. Depending on the actual intensity of the sun’s rays a room can soon heat up dramatically if the incorrect windows have been selected.

To combat this it is recommended that multi-pane insulated glass or glass which incorporates a special foil layer or to install shutters or blinds. When choosing between single sheet and multi-sheet windows it is important to consider the actual uses for the arbor. Is the summer house also to be used in winter or will it be used in summer also a place to overnight; where the climate within the room is important then it is recommendable to select multi-sheet glass. If, however, it is simply used to store garden equipment and furniture then low cost single glazing can be chosen.

The wide variety of materials at Windows24.com

Garden shed arched window

Wood has been a classic and probably the most popular material for summer house windows for decades. The great variety of shapes and colors available make it possible to freely design timber frames and adorn in any matching paint.

As this classic among the summer house window material options can suffer from weather, aluminium, metal, vinyl all impress, more so when combined with window profiles offering extra rigidity and they are all particularly easy to maintain. 

Cleaning summer house windows

Fenced garden with garden shed

Fully exposed to the weather, lack of proper care and maintenance can lead to signs of wear and tear to your summer house windows. From warping to fading of the timber frame this can lead to the window not functioning correctly and soon allows dampness in with the resulting formation of mould. As a result of this, regular airing is advisable. In order to avoid an expensive renovation being necessary, it is therefore recommended that the summer house be cared for from the very beginning and regularly checked for signs of the effects of the weather. As the most popular material for frames, timber especially needs a lot of care and attention. The right primer and paint or varnish protect the summer house from both sun and rain – and guarantee that the summer house will provide pleasure and be secure for years to come.

Fitting summer house windows

Expert professional fitting of the windows is crucial. As improper installation of a summer house window can often not be tightly closed to the wall, fitting by a professional craftsman guarantees protection from outside influences. Further factors, such as opening outwards to create space inside, are also taken into consideration by the experts.
Furthermore, it is advisable to fit the summer house windows as low down as feasible making it possible to admire the scenery of garden or countryside even when sitting inside. Even in cases where a summer house is not used regularly, but merely serves to store tools and garden furniture the summer house windows should be regularly opened wide for about ten minutes. Fresh oxygen streams in and the old, stale air is banished.

Garden shed windows

This minimizes the danger of mold developing and guarantees years of enjoyment in your own idyll. What is more, while the window is open providing much needed fresh air it can be freed of annoying spiders and insects. This makes the room comfortable to sit in even when the decision to use it is made spontaneously.

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