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Balcony door handle

Benefits of the recessed handle

  • Low overall height
  • Easy assembly
  • Resistant material

  • Material: aluminium
  • Handle length: 70mm
  • Height: 20mm
  • Dimensions square spindle: 7 mm
  • Centre distance: 50 mm


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Product Information

Space-saving helper

In order to be able to close a balcony door from the outside, it naturally needs a handle. With the Soft recessed handle from MACO, you can simply pull the balcony door shut behind you.

The balcony door handle is perfectly adapted to the needs of its users.

This makes it not only incredibly functional, but also gives your balcony door a chic look. It is made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant primary alloy. The aluminium balcony door handle is a pull handle attached to the outside of the door. With the right screws, it can be easily attached to the door using the two holes. The two holes are 50mm apart and the handle is 70mm long overall. The height is only 20 mm, so it fits wonderfully between the door and window or roller shutter.

Thanks to its flat design, window and roller shutters won't get caught on it when closing. In addition, the door handle is designed in such a way that it can be operated easily. Heavy pulling and a variety of weather conditions won't faze this sturdy balcony door handle. The Soft recessed handle from MACO is available in a white (RAL 9016), titanium or silver finish.

All surfaces are easy to care for and very durable.

The anodised surface material protects the balcony door handle from external influences such as humidity, perspiration and mechanical stress.

Material properties

Aluminium or uPVC?

Depending on the material your balcony door is made of, there are different balcony door handles to match your door's individual look. Aluminium door handles, for example, go very well with glass doors and are generally best suited to more lightweight doors. Meaning: they're perfect for the balcony. In addition to balcony or patio door handles made of aluminium, handles made of uPVC are also used on balcony doors, since the door fittings are often made of uPVC.

UPVC door handles are also very durable and can withstand the elements.

Balcony door handles made of aluminium and uPVC are available in different colours because they can be powder coated in any RAL colour such as white, for example.

Both materials also have the following advantages:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Hardly any maintenance and care required
  • Durable

Regardless of whether it's a balcony or patio door, pull handles can be used wherever doors are shut by pulling them from the outside. Pull handles make it easier to pull the door shut and are easy to operate. Of course, the handles can also be attached to windows if they too require a pull handle. You can also choose the right indoor window handle in addition to an outdoor balcony door handle; this allows you to open the door from the inside and lock it securely. At windows24.com you will find handles for doors and windows as well as a wide range of accessories at reasonable prices.

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