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HOPPE Tokyo window handle

Benefits of the Tokyo aluminium window handle

  • Ergonomic design
  • Rotating and tilting function
  • High corrosion resistance

  • Model: Tokyo 0710/U26
  • Material: aluminium
  • Handle length: 128 mm
  • Rosette: 29 x 66 mm
  • Cam diameter: 10 mm
  • Grid: 90°
  • Incl. pre-attached M5 threaded screws for attachment


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Product Information

Elegant, modern, practical

The HOPPE Tokyo window handle made from high-quality aluminium impresses with the quality of duraplus® aluminium and its elegant design.

The turn/tilt window handle is suitable for windows where the tilt function is of key importance.

The easy-to-use HOPPE Tokyo window handle falls into use category 2 according to DIN EN 13126-3 and has also been tested to RAL GZ 607/9. In addition, it has very high corrosion resistance, since it also falls in class 5 according to EN1670. With asquare dimension of 7 mm, the HOPPE Tokyo window handle can be equipped with a protruding HOPPEsolid spindle of 32, 35 or 40 mm. The substructure made from uPVC and the corresponding support cam with a cam diameter of 10 mm help to facilitate assembly and provide additional stability. The Tokyo window handle can also be fitted using M5 threaded screws in a concealed manner. In addition to the standard version in F1 natural aluminium, it is also available in dark brown, aluminium steel or white.

Suitable for every window

If you are looking for new window handles, the duraplus® range from HOPPE offers a diverse selection.

It doesn't matter whether it's classic in white or elegant in silver, there's always a window handle available in the right colour.

The different variants for each type of window ensure that this range has something for every taste. And if you want to be on the safe side, you can opt for a version that is lockable.

Have a good handle on everything

In addition to the standard version, the HOPPE Tokyo aluminium window handle is also available in other versions:

  • Plug-in handles
  • Turn window handles
  • Lockable window handles

The simple HOPPE aluminium window handle in white is specially designed for insertion into window drive sockets that are covered with a handle hole cover rosette. For pivot sash windows that do not require a tilt position and can be opened outwards, there are turn window handles. With its narrow rosette and cranked handle, it brings elegance to every pivoting sash window. Depending on the orientation of your windows, this handle is available for mounting on the left or right.

To ensure security from the outside and inside, HOPPE also provides the Tokyo window handle in versions that can be locked.

A push-button locking cylinder on the turn window handle prevents unintentional opening of outward-opening top-hung and rotary sash windows without a tilt position. Lockable window handles are also available for tilting windows. The HOPPE Tokyo turn/tilt window handle made from aluminium is available in the following three versions:

  • Standard with a printing cylinder and reversible key
  • TBT1 with a rotary cylinder and reversible key
  • Secu100® with a printing cylinder and reversible key

Window handles with TBT1 can also be locked in a 90° position. To prevent tearing off and twisting off the handle from the rosette body, HOPPE has developed the specialSecu100® technology. The handles are secured up to a torque of 100 Nm.

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