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Lockable HOPPE Tokyo

Advantages of the Tokyo window handle

  • More security with a cylinder lock
  • For inward-opening windows of all kinds
  • Made from easy-care aluminium
  • Model: Tokyo 0710S/U26
  • Locking technology: printing cylinder with reversible key
  • Material: aluminium
  • Handle length: 139 mm
  • Rosette: 29 x 66 mm
  • Cam diameter: 10 mm
  • Rasterisation: 90°


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Product Information

Lockable HOPPE Tokyo window handle made from aluminium

In this category, the Tokyo window handle by HOPPE is equipped with a printing cylinder and a reversible key, and can be locked accordingly.

The extremely easy-care material aluminium is very robust, durable and almost 100% recyclable. Products made from this modern material are, therefore, particularly sustainable.

The free spindle length of the square with a diameter of 7 mm – a HOPPE solid spindle – is 35 mm. The handle is mounted using M5 threaded screws to 10 mmsupport cams made from uPVC. The lock-in position set to 90 degrees ensures flawless operation, which makes it easier for you to open, close and tilt – optionally, depending on the window. The Tokyo window handle by HOPPE is available in various colours, such as white and silver, and with apartial cover cap fitted.

Child safety and break-in protection combined

Various colloquial terms are used for variants of lockable window handles. However, the term "lockable" often refers to models with a lock or with a push button. However, lockable window handles with a printing cylinder, such as the Tokyo model from HOPPE, do more. While push button variants mainly serve as child safety devices and prevent the handle from turning, truly lockable window handles function with a key. Like a door, the cylinder locks the window firmly until you open it again.

In addition to safety for children who are eager to discover, there is also break-in protection.

The well thought-out Tokyo aluminium window handle from the manufacturer HOPPE thus fulfils all your requirements: easy to install, reliable in terms of function, integrated child and break-in protection, and also available at a low price. In addition, there is a range of different colours you can choose for your window handle to suit your taste.

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