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HOPPE Verona window handle

Overview HOPPE Verona in stainless steel

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Side grid with precise snap-in position
  • Increased break-in protection thanks to basic Secustik® security

  • Model: Verona E0800/US956
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Handle length: 123mm
  • Escutcheon: 34x72 mm
  • Dimensions square spindle: 7 x 32-42 mm
  • Cam diameter: 10mm
  • Grid: 90°
  • Includes M5 threaded screws for attachment


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Product Information

HOPPE: maximum protection at an affordable price

The HOPPE Verona turn/tilt window handle is made of stainless steel and is classified as a use category 2. It's easy to install thanks to the concealed M5 threaded screws and is RAL-RG 607/9 tested.

It also adheres to AhS RAL-RG 607/13 (anti-lift-out protection) and offers full coverage.

Other important information:

  • 7 mm HOPPE solid pin
  • Cam diameter 1 mm
  • Square spindle variable in length

The HOPPE Verona window handle has a side grid with precise snap-in position and is screwed on in a discreet manner. The escutcheon set from HOPPE is made of uPVC and has an oval shape, giving you a modern handle set for your home.

Increased break-in protection: Secustik®

The HOPPE window handle set is characterised by its patented Secustik® protection. When activated, this self-locking mechanism locks into different handle positions, which can be recognised by a clearly audible clicking noise. This means that the window fitting offers no unauthorised access from the outside and the square spindle cannot be twisted. How the HOPPE system works: between the handle and the square spindle there is a coupling element that acts as a mechanical diode. As a result, the window handle can still be seamlessly operated from the inside - however, access from outside is blocked in the event of attempts to damage the hardware.

You can turn the Secustik® handle 180° and will know when the mechanism locks in place by the precision click.

Enjoy maximum protection for your windows with the HOPPE Verona window handle in matte stainless steel. You can find other handles made of stainless steel, aluminium or uPVC as well as door handles and other accessories at reasonable prices online at windows24.com.

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