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Lockable window handle made from stainless steel

Window handle for locking

  • Security from a printing cylinder lock
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Easy assembly

  • Locking technology: printing cylinder
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Square spindle dimensions: 7 x 24 mm | 31 | 36 | 42mm
  • Cam diameter: 10 mm


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Product Information

Two variants – one quality promise

The lockable window handle offers high quality with its robust printing cylinder lock in the handle, high twisting resistance and the rust-proof stainless steel. These features are of great importance when it comes to break-in protection or child safety. The security window handle is available in two optical designs, as a U-shape or as amitre form . Further technical details at a glance:

  • Model: mitre form or U-shape
  • Square: 7 mm
  • Feature: 100 Nm twisting resistance
  • Locking technology: printing cylinder
  • Surface: matte
  • Free pin length: 24 / 31 / 36 / 42 mm
  • Cam: 10mm

The lockable window handle comes with a key for the lock to keep your home in safe hands. In addition to the model on offer, other ABUS security accessories are also available in the online shop at windows24.com.

Window handle for locking – the ideal break-in protection

Many people assume that burglars break windows and gain access to the house. However, experience has shown that burglars shy away from breaking windows. Due to the resulting noise, which could wake residents and neighbours, and the risk of injury from shattering glass, burglars choose other methods: windows are often cut open, pushed in or levered out to serve as an entry into the house.

Lockable window handles as a protective measure against break-ins are therefore extremely useful and can protect your belongings.

With a lockable window handle, burglars are prevented from entering the house, because the window handle cannot be moved. It is very likely that if the break-in is delayed, the burglars will become nervous and retreat if necessary. With every passing minute, the risk of being discovered increases.

Fields of application

Lockable window handles for child safety

The security window handle serves not only as break-in protection, but also as a child safety device. The lockable window handle prevents children from opening windows and, in the worst case, from falling out when the pane is open. Your little ones are also protected the window handle against injuries during dangerous climbing activities: the window stays closed and rigid, which means it doesn't seesaw back and forth when the children hold on to it while they climb onto the windowsill.

The window can also be locked using the handle if it is tilted.

The key remains in the care of the parent or guardian and ensures a safe protective measure while children are playing. These one-key system window handles can also prevent children from opening balcony and terrace doors. In general, installing a security window handle as a child safety device protects against injuries of any kind when your little ones are up to mischief involving windows and doors.

Small addition, big effect – window handles with locks

The use of lockable window handles prevents people from opening windows without authorisation or in an uncontrolled manner. The window handle can be locked from the inside and outside using a printing cylinder with twisting resistance and thus offers essential security around the window. In addition to its useful functionality, the window handle shines with a matte-silver stainless steel look and delights in everyday life with its sturdy design.

If you are looking for an everyday security accessory with optimal effectiveness, you will find the perfect protective measure in a lockable window handle.

At windows24.com, you will find other lockable window handles, but also conventional models at low prices – and from well-known brands, such as ABUS or HOPPE. There is also a large selection of inexpensive accessories and tools for all kinds of renovation work.

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