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ABUS FG300A window handle with alarm function

Lockable window handle with alarm

  • Very high level of active security thanks to alarm function
  • Use as a child safety device
  • Secured, individually adjustable square spindle

  • Model: FG300A
  • Alarm, volume: 110 dBA
  • Locking technology: printing cylinder with key
  • Length: 191mm
  • Dimensions square spindle: 7 x 32-44 mm
  • Cam diameter: 8mm


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Product Information

Immediate break-in protection thanks to integrated alarm function

Lockable window handles on windows and patio doors make a significant contribution in improving break-in protection. However, alarm-secured window handles are even more effective: the FG 300A from ABUS is a VdS-approved and DIN-tested combination of both security measures and, at a volume of 110 dBA (+/- 2 dBA), it is guaranteed to drive away intruders.

The alarm is only triggered in the event of immediate manipulation and not by strong winds or passing objects like balls.

With a 200 Nm twist-off and tear-off strength resistance, the lockable ABUS FG300A window handle achieves stress class 2 according to DIN 18267. The window handle is armed and disarmed via the printing cylinder. Included is a flexibly adjustable square spindle with a length of 32-44 mm, which fits almost all windows on the market. Glass breakage detectors are available as an option for all window handles from the FG300A series. They also use the same key as other ABUS window locks and come in white, brown and silver.

Alarm window handles offer high operating comfort

This lockable ABUS window handle with alarm system works with commercially available, replaceable alkaline batteries (AAA) and ensures convenient operation with a battery life of up to 2 years. It is used with tilt and turn windows and French doors; the handle is easy to install and use and serves to electronically monitor your windows. Thanks to the use of the printing cylinder for arming/disarming, the electronic window lock can be opened or closed without the risk of a false alarm.

Conversely other systems are suitable for the hinge side of the window, e.g. FAS 101 and FAS 97.

For other lockable window handle models (handle side), ABUS offers additional window lock series FO400N, ABUS FO400A and ABUS FG200 (for tilt and turn windows). You can obtain more information at any time by contacting our customer service by e-mail or telephone (8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. weekdays).

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